Our Cold World

October 23, 2017
By JustinG1225 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
JustinG1225 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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Terrorists are taking over the world and it needs to come to a stop. Many innocent people are being killed or very injured for no reason. Terrorists are coming into different countries and attacking because they either hate that country or feel that their holy savior has told them to do so. Governments have be trying to put a stop to this for a while, but nothing has changed. Terrorism needs to be put to an end and faultless people are dying from these horrible attempts to destroy the human population.

Terrorism is such an immense problem because countries, such as ISIS are sending people into other countries across the globe to destroy cities and monuments. Hundreds of people have died from these attacks while the terrorists try to ruin the population of humans. For example, recently at an Ariana Grande concert in London, 22 were killed and more than 50 others were injured. A man bombed the concert while everyone was on their way out. Police ended up finding the man who attempted to kill the people of London and found that he was sent from ISIS. This is a giant problem because citizens of our world are being killed even though they are completely innocent. This has to come to an end because it is making the world a scary place to live.

Terrorism is also a big problem in this world because people can't even feel safe walking on the streets in a big city. It has come to the scale in which people can't even feel safe in their own country. Governments have been seeking to stop these terrorist attacks, but so far nothing has been stopped. I believe that the government has to try something different in order to make a change in this harsh, cold world that we live in today. Everybody has to come together and be strong in order to make an effort to stop terrorism.

In conclusion, terrorism is a horrific part of our world and needs to be put to an end. People don't even feel safe walking around a big city in their own country. Many are being killed or severely injured when they are completely free of guilt. The world is supposed to be a peaceful place to live in which terrorism is turning it into the opposite. Terrorism is a disgusting part of this day and age and needs to be put to a stop.

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