The War That Can Break Out at Any Moment!

October 20, 2017
By Josh Krulik BRONZE, Parkland , Florida
Josh Krulik BRONZE, Parkland , Florida
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In my opinion the most relevant topic in the news right now is North Korea the DPRK. This is the most relevant topic because two mentally unstable leaders are threatening to blow up each other’s country. For instance Donald Trump said, “ They will be met with fire and fury.” The they he’s referring to is North Korea. This is a problem because the president of the United States is supposed to be responsible, intelligent, and a leader. Trump displays 0 of these qualities in that quote the only thing he displays is a childish attitude.

If Trump and Kim-Jong-Un can't stop bickering and arguing I believe there will be major panic in the states or a war can break out between the 2 nations, that would be a disaster. Kim-Jong-Un has threatened to strike the U.S territory Guam with a Ballistic Missile. This very well could happen because Guam is well within North Korea's striking distance even though the U.S has a missile defense system it has been tested very few times but none in a war.

If Trmp can't stop being childish, Irresponsible, and dangerous than a war very well could happen and that would be a global disaster. The “UN” has placed many sanctions on North Korea such as cutting off there coal supply but these actions are doing next to nothing because Trump keeps making outlandish statements about North Korea. For those reasons that is why this is the most relevant topic right now.

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