An Equality Statement

October 18, 2017
By , paragould, AR

What is equality? Well, the definition is the  state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. Equality during our time is slowly drifting away and now, people are dividing each other into labels. My definition of equality is that everyone with any sexual orientation, different belief in religion, color of skin, and confusion within gender identification shouldn’t affect the person they are because they are different.

Women and men are the only sexes that are known on earth, you are a women or you are a man but with that, through generations and centuries both sex have been parted from each other.

Let’s visit the past, man goes to work, goes to war, is dominate in the household and man gets more freedom to pledge what he beliefs.

Woman stays home, takes care of the children, and cooks.

The evolution of women now is that they can work, can go to war, and have trade dominance in the house but pay raise is an issue.

Woman who identify themselves as feminist, are not diviners, they don’t believe women are superior than man, they believe they’re as superior as man. I am going to be honest, yes there are some things men do that might be difficult for women, but not impossible. Feminist speak for their equality for not being called weak, because they are a girl, but men shouldn’t also be put in the situation because they are a guy. Like telling them a situation you are in, and then saying, “You don’t understand.” Why wouldn’t he?

As humans we don’t want to be dared or controlled or be labeled in a box in which can identify us, we want to be free. Work equality shouldn’t choose a sex, it should choose the person who is determined to work and to prove that they, as a person, not a gender, is superior.

LGBTQ, is a community in which people are part of having a different sexual orientation, or preference within their gender. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer, and since then former President Barack Obama declared equal rights to this community, and even had June be pride month.

I believe that people within this society should not be called a disgrace to christian belief. Yes, God did make them be a girl or boy, with a destiny of loving the opposite gender, but even with that, God may had quested them to be different, to love someone that was once not a choice to love. Loving someone doesn’t come with a gender, loving someone comes with the personality and connection of the two individuals.

Freedom of religion is just another way how America is full of diversity, religion shouldn’t be counted for how you view a person.

I personally don’t have a certain religion, I grew up catholic, and I was surrounded by christianity. I believe there is a god, a devil, a hell, and a heaven, but I don’t need someone to tell me what I should do or not do. Life is so short for me to worry about what I did wrong; we live to make mistakes, and that’s how our wisdom grows for the next generation. I don’t disrespect people for what they believe; if you are christian I respect you, if you are catholic I respect you, if you are a buddhist I respect you, I respect all of you, because with that, I hope you will respect me. Also, I want to add, religions are similar in a way; they all follow a god, all follow a devil, all follow a sort of hell and or heaven, all have morals to live by. The individual with a different religion shouldn’t be called ‘wrong,’ for what they believe.

Finally, racism. This topic affects me the most, since I am a young latina woman in a world where a race of color is easily dignified as a burden. I, speaking for the people of color, we are not a burden. We go through too many obstacles in life just for equality, and we go through many racial slurs just by living our everyday life. I personally never have encountered people who were straight rude to my face, and hopefully, neither has my friends or family. We are just as americans as anyone else who lives here. We work, we pay, we go to school, and we leave a legacy behind by having a family.

I also want to mention terrorism, I was originally going to write about the Las Vegas shooting. Speaking my opinion on it, but I immediately changed my mind when I saw websites and articles asking the same question.

“Was the shooter muslim?”

Does it matter if he was muslim? Does it matter if he was black? Does it matter if he was white? No, it doesn’t. The shooter killed and injured so many people, he is a terrorist. Terrorism is immoral, and terrorism doesn’t come with a race or skin color.

Equality should be more justified now, that we should love, respect, and accept the minorities, but not only them but to everyone. Love not hate. That we as the young generation should be open to put our opinions out there. Whether it’s politics, shootings, or drama we are all entitled to our opinions. Thank you.

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