Legalization of Marijuana

October 17, 2017
By legend.j BRONZE, Houston, Texas
legend.j BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Legalization of marijuana can hurt and help people. Many people need it and the drug can help plenty of our community in different ways. The question is should Texas legalize it? My answer is yes we should.          

 Marijuana is the word of the century, puffing and coughing yet it’s all just helping. The question that states ask themselves every year is “Should we legalize it or not?” Yet these states are very indecisive. A couple of states have already made their decision the question is should Texas? My answer is yes; due to my answer here are three reasons why we should legalize marijuana.

To begin with, I just want to say that I know there are lots of conflicts that come with marijuana.  First and foremost, there are people who use it for medical uses. Marijuana is one of those indecisive drugs. What I mean by that is it does not know whether it wants to help or hurt people. It would be selfish of all of those people who read this and go against me. What about the people that literally need this drug. I mean sure you can go and get a card, but think about all of the paperwork that they have to do. Also, they have to go to the doctor and then the doctor has to fill out the paper instating why this person needs a marijuana card. Sometimes people can’t find all of the information necessary for the paper so they can’t fill it out.

As shown in my first paragraph, I said it could lower the sickness in Texas/USA. Now think about this, It could also lower the crime rate, now I know u are probably reading this and thinking what this kid is crazy. Being said I need you to know that, once marijuana is legalized that will be one less illegal drug off of the streets the bust rate for marijuana is so high that I didn’t even need to look it up. According to Gale research .com “these arrest for the use of non-narcotic drug amounted to be about half of the drug bust in the country.’’ If you can scroll down a list of people who mainly get busted for marijuana I bet you it will consist of mostly celebrity’s. They don’t just grow it out of their backyard so you know what that means they buy it from someone. If you want to see less drug deal there are a couple of solutions but one is much easier than the others…legalize the drug. It’s not like we can’t make laws on marijuana just like we do with beer or liquor, and they are capable of doing the same thing marijuana can do.

Although the drug bust is a problem, once again marijuana can help. “When the clock struck twelve people cheered and lit up joints.’’ As hundreds of jubilant people gathered under Seattle’s space needle on November 6th 2012, Gale Research affirmed. If you notice in the quote above how happy and excited people in California were then you would understand. Even though half of those people probably just love drugs which is not ok but the other half sees exactly what I see, better yet what we see. So all I ask of you is to help make a change.

In conclusion some people may say that marijuana is a drug that can cause many problems which is true so they won’t agree with me. I say what if we can laws on everything else we can make laws on how to use marijuana and when.  Legalizing marijuana could help plenty of people. I hope this passage will encourage you to make a move or help me and plenty of others who have the same mindset as me.               

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