Drivers License Age Should Be Lowered

October 17, 2017
By kylie34 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
kylie34 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Teens should be able to get their driver's license at the age of 14, because it gives more freedom to both, the parents and the kids. It also helps parents because if they don’t have time to take their kids places, they can drive themselves there.


Teenagers should be able to drive at the age of 14 because if they’re home alone and they need to leave their home fast they can just go “. I think kids should be able to get their driver’s license at 14, for safety reasons. Like if your mom and dad get in a car accident, and you were home alone and you could not get driven up to the hospital or respond, and they die, that's sad because you would never be able to see them again. “ - Jeromy B., OH, Marblehead. I also agree with this, everybody would want to go see their parents before they die and you can’t ever see them again. “As teens age, they become more active such as school clubs, social functions, weekend activities and after school jobs, etc…“. Most of these things require transportation, and their parents are always the ones to drive them, but if there is more than one teenager in the house, it can become really crazy. Letting teenagers drive gives their parents a break. It also gives more responsibility for getting themselves around. Also when they are ready, they can help with transportation of younger siblings. It also puts less stress on their parents. Teenagers also want more freedom. They like to go out with friends on the weekends and not have to have a curfew. Teenagers like to leave places when they want, and if they had a driver’s license they can leave when they want. They also don’t have to wait for their parents to come pick them up. Allowing teens to drive provides them with independence and the ability to have more control over where they go, with whom and for how long.

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i want to be able to drive when i turn 14 next year. But, i cant because the driving age is 16. 

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