Teenagers Should Be Able to Drive at 15

October 17, 2017

 At the age of 15, if you know how to drive a car and practice often, you should have the skills to show one another. Teenagers should be allowed to drive 15 years old because it helps motivate them on taking responsibilities  in life as they get older.


Starting to drive at younger ages is an opportunity to learn how to become a young adult. Driving at any age is going to be a huge responsibility to handle no matter what. When driving it’s better to be independent because you will have more focus on the one thing you are doing at the moment. Driving at the age if 15 is an age of independence .    


For instance , being independent and driving at  a younger age instead of always asking family members to bring you places; examples: the malls ,a friends house or movies . You would not have to ask all the time if you were allowed to drive. If teenagers start driving at 15 they would not have to depend on their parents as much. Us teens would not be worrying about getting in the way of the adults schedule.

In addition, to teens driving at early years they’ll be well prepared for older driving years. Ever heard “practice makes perfect”? Keep driving and learning you’ll become a skilled driver in your earlier years of being a teenager. For example, all the driving being done when it comes down to taking the driving test you’ll ace it.

Teenagers shouldn’t drive if not has practice because if something goes wrong they can panic and it can cause serious and dangerous happenings. The teens that are cable of driving and have some knowledge should be allowed to drive. It helps motivate their minds on how to become a young adult with responsibilities to handle. Teens wouldn’t have to depend on their parent / or guardian as much. Plus you’ll be prepared for older years of driving.

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