Letter to the President

October 13, 2017
By Anonymous

When you dream you think. Who is to say what is real and what is not? Some people have thought that since scientists have said that when you die your brain replays your life in about seven minutes. Some have thought that what if this life that we are living is the seven minutes? What if we are just replaying our whole lives and the decisions have already been made? The may be true. Maybe everytime we die we are just replaying the same life over again just in a different body. That is what they call reincarnation. Dreams. Who knows if that is just what reality truly is? Who is to say that dreams are just our imagination letting loose of what we want to happen or of what we think will happen? I have been asked many times before if dreams are what is real or fake. It truly blows my mind that people have that much faith in me to ask me a question that nobody win the world has been able to answer. Sure they have tried and most have given their honest opinion on wheat the think the answer could be. what really bothers me is that i do not honestly know the correct answer to that. Maybe in the future they will come up with an answer for that question.


Another question: what if when a person uses drugs to alter their reality, it actually causes them to see the real world? Mainly what the government does not want us to see. my answer to this is the same as any other question that i just can not come to the correct conclusion. The answer i give is simply i don’t know. Shocker right? A kid who searches any and everything that she can think does not know the answer to these theories. I sometimes think about what could, would, or should have been. In all honesty, it amazes me too.


most are probably thinking that I’m just a kid and i barely know about the world let alone the mysteries of it. You’re right, i don't know about the world that clearly, but i do know that i can't change the past. I will be apart of the youth that shapes the future of this world. That i do know. Don’t put me down and try to contradict my work because you think i'm too young. Listen to me. What happened in the past is slowly repeating itself. When all minorities when into the drawback that they went through. I’m separating myself from the act because i did nothing to help. Even though they did it for my rights and the rights of every colored person we are still going back. Equal rights were given towards the end of the 60’s. That wasn't too long ago. In the beginning i talked about dreams and now i'm talking about equal rights. That may confuse people because some think i'm talking about dreams and some think that i'm talking about equal right and the rest think i'm just a kid who is jumbling up a bunch of topics because i don't know what i'm doing. The truth is that is is about it all. Let me explain. When you dream, you don't know if that is reality or just your imagination. When you think of the past you don't know whether to fight like your ancestors or flee like the ones before them. So basically, we are left with the same ultimatum as before. That will be either to stand up for yourself and the ones after you or to cower away and watch the world go into anarchy. Nobody wants that truly. There will always be an issue with control. Someone will always want to be the leader. Someone will always want to be the alpha dog, for lack of a better term. In my opinion, I think that’s why America elects people to represent them.


We all have different views of what to do when it comes to politics. For example, some people are pro-war and some are against it. Some people want to cut all ties with foreign countries and some don't or maybe they just want to stop the countries from harming our fresh American soil. If we all truly had a say in what to do then it would lead to madness. We have to understand that you can't make everyone happy but you can atleast try to do what is best for the people. I know a lot of people who weren't very fond of Donald Trump and they still aren't. Most people disagree with the fact that i say that he is living the american dream. By that i mean that he went from owning his own business to being the president of this country. I know that some people's goals are not to become president but he made it and he is living prosperous in life at the moment. When it comes to his travel ban, i don't think that he did it for america. The countries that supply the terrorists that have been involved in the killing of American soldiers and people have not been banned solely on the fact that Mr. Trump’s company in its entirety benefits from them and have connections to them. If he does anything to harm the trust that those countries have in him it would make his company look bad and harm his intake of profits. I really think that Donald has a problem with immigrants. My reasoning for that is because his wife is an immigrant. I didn't say that she was illegal.


I hope that one day donald trump gets to see this and realizes that the people are speaking. Before, during the election, Donald was very confrontational. Now it seems like he is hiding. He know all the secrets of the white house and he is scared. I believe that after Obama’s presidency America was returned back to its greatness. The presidents before him have ruined this country. Before Obama this country was the land of the scared and home of the weak. After Obama we returned to our greatness as the land of the free and home of the brave. So in fact, Trump isn't going to make this country great again. That role was item was checked off the todo list eight years ago. What Trump can do is continue one Obama’s legacy by keeping this country great and keeping us safe. The old saying “ if it ain't broke dont fix it” well the country isn't broke so there is no need to break it just because you feel the need to do something with you time since every major thing has been dealt with. I do agree that everyday is a new battle and we face difficulties everyday from everyone who tries to harm us but there is no need to act like a child. When California declared that they were going to defy the presidents bill to ban all illegal immigrants from entering the United States donald trump threatened to stop all gov. Funding.. Why did he do that? He did it to threaten the people to do what he says. He needs to realize that you can't just threaten the people of the country of whom you want the trust from. He needs to realize that he has a whole new responsibility. If he messes up it's not just a company the will crash and burn, it's a whole country.


To refer back to my earlier statements, we should not fight him or cower away and or run from him. This is our reality and we should accept that and fight with him. He is new to the whole running a country thing and some of us have been through a couple of elections to know the do’s and don'ts of the business. Some of us are new to it but can learn. Don't be a fool and just go with whatever he says. You need to know your facts just like he does. If we fight together than we can succeed in keeping America great.

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