If I Were Mayor for the Day

October 10, 2017
By thisguy69 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
thisguy69 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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I was driving 60 miles per hour on the Mopac expressway when all of a sudden out of nowhere a safety barrel flew into the exit ramp and hit my car. I was startled, I was shocked. Mopac had been getting on my nerves but this was the last straw. Mopac and I-35 have been under construction for what seems like forever. 83% of residents stated that traffic was our city’s most pressing issue, even more than high rent. Originally, Mopac and I-35 were always small parts of a much bigger plan to create an inner-city freeway network. Even back then, no one wanted to move out of central Austin, and so the plan was scrapped. If i were mayor, this would be the issue I would focus on the most. My first plan of action would be to find a way to speed up the construction times. I drive mopac almost everyday and half the time I don't see any workers or any progress on the roads from past times. I think a solution to this is to hire more workers and to make sure that those workers are being led in a way that it constantly productive. I want the public to feel like we're doing everything in our ability to increase the speed and quality of the improvement project. I-35 is an entirely different monster, not only is there endless amounts of construction, but I-35 is also stuffed with traffic from mexican 18 wheelers shipping goods and products into Texas. To fix this issue there are 2 options: build a new highway, or expand the already expanding highway. Both of these require time and a crazy amount of money. If these problems were to be solved i think it would make a positive impact on society. People's commute to work would be much simpler, and i think quality of life would improve exponentially.

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