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October 9, 2017
By TayLans BRONZE, Auburn, New York
TayLans BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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When observing the vast, prolonged history of our nation, it’s blatantly clear that we have faced many obstacles we’ve had to overcome. Over the years, there’s been an escalation in not only the frequency of specific issues but also in the severity of them. The United States was once a land of opportunity, the place for the little guy to go and make it big. Although with recent issues we’re seeing in the news and other media outlets, it’s evident that America is beginning to turn into a place that’s anything but that. The United States has always had its threats and its weak links. Now, however, we’re being represented by an utterly unqualified president, our nation is battling global warming at an alarming rate, and we have a severe threat of nuclear war with North Korea.

Since being established in 1776, the United States has had 45 presidents within the Oval Office. Not every one of them was perfect by any means, but most of them were capable of running the country in a somewhat successful manner, up until this point. After being elected into office in November of 2016, Donald Trump has brought nothing of great benefit to the country he is supposed to be running. From the start, Trump has mercilessly abused the power of social media. He turns to Twitter as an outlet for important messages and news about the current state of the country, as well as future political movements that he intends to make. Trump tweets at social and racial groups, while simultaneously blasting his opinions out on social media. He informs the American populous of the most recent and significant motions that are being made within his administration. Never before have we seen a president do such a thing. He abuses the resource by calling certain groups out, brazenly so, and feeding into violence rather than stopping it. He lacks mature vocabulary, lacks maturity in general when telling people what he has to say. He hides behind the screen instead of being on it. One particular incident involving his social media abuse includes the fact that it took great provocation for him to condemn white supremacy groups like the “Neo-Nazis” and the KKK. He then responded by calling them “evil” and “thugs”. The president handled the great insurgence with Charlottesville days after it initially occurred, and the only things he had to say was that they were vile and criminals.  Such actions depict a man that’s unqualified to run a country, unqualified to hold the safety of millions of people in his hands. He’s unsuitable to sit in the Oval Office, ineligible to uphold the things our great country was built upon. We lack a president that we can trust, and that’s something that’s detrimental to the United States. 

Aside from the fact that the president is unqualified for his position, the world as a whole is seeing record-breaking spikes in temperature within the last decade. Since the Industrial Revolution of 1760, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached disastrous levels. With the amount of CO2 released by gasoline and the amount of smog surrounding metropolitan areas, our ozone layer is growing thinner and thinner. In the past, the United States has had certain regulations that decrease the number of pollutants that factories can release into the environment. Although, with recent change in power, those regulations are beginning to disappear on American manufacturing plants. Such occurrences can bring about great devastation to the nation’s coastlines, water supply, and climate. With negative change, the beautiful landscape of the country will be destroyed. Lakes will be polluted and infested, trees will be bare, air will be dirty and thick. All of these possibilities are slowly becoming reality as the president begins changing certain regulations on such matters. This is something that the country has put on the back burner and have left to deal with in the future. Well, now it’s the future, and it may just be too late. Without restrictions, without research and funding, the climate change problem may just be the end of life as we know it.   

In the latest news, North Korea has claimed that a recent tweet from President Trump is seen as a declaration of war. Granted, war has always been, and always will be, a problem that the United States will face. However, this war is different. North Korea holds an arsenal of nuclear weapons, mostly bombs, that have the capability of obliterating miles and miles of land. We know this from the propaganda that they release of them parading their collection throughout Pyongyang, the country’s capital. They’re gaining range, gaining both military and political power. Their leader, Kim Jong Un, and the North Korean public feed off of unfiltered tweets the president keeps posting on twitter. They feed off his aggression and childishness, they become stronger and cockier with each foolish tweet. These such things are posing an extensive problem, an extensive threat, to the United States. 

America, like most countries, has had its fair share of problems. Throughout the years, those issues have emerged, evolved, diminished, and have even reoccurred. In today’s world, we are seeing how an unqualified president creates more problems than he does solve them. We’re seeing a dangerous escalation in climate change, and are seeing strides being taken towards war with North Korea. Such problems put so many American lives at stake. It causes the majority of the population to live in fear, live questioning whether or not they can trust their leader. There are great faults being brought upon the economy in the United States today. A world or even a country without problems is one that’s completely unobtainable. Leaders and individuals can try their hardest to make their country the best it can be. The societies we imagine, and even to a certain standard expect, are only found in fictional stories. They simply can’t be, and will never be a reality.

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