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October 8, 2017
By AdiTheAmazing BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
AdiTheAmazing BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Ask yourself this question, “ Do you really like America’s democracy? Do you like that the tax rate for higher income people is lower than the tax rate for lower income people? Do you really think that we should deport immigrants that are just looking for job opportunities?” I think not. And I will tell you the answer to these questions. You may disagree with me on some of these issues but please listen to me and read this document. I bring up some key points and also some solutions to these issues. I will have both sides in this persuasive essay, because there’s always an opposing group to an issue that is in opposition to everything that the other group says, no matter how reasoned it is.

I would like to start off with a heated debate about whether the tax rate for higher income people should be lower than what lower income people have to pay. Higher income people do pay the government money but that does not completely mean that we need to lower their tax rate.I think it should be just as high if not higher than what lower income people have to pay because low income people can sometimes barely afford food, but instead of helping, the government makes that food cost more for their own benefit. I do understand that FEMA may need money because if these recent hurricanes. I hope people give money to help the victims of the hurricanes, but most of the aid and support should come from upper class people because they can afford it and their aid will be a lot more beneficial towards the victims. Lower income people don’t donate as much money, not because they can’t or don’t want to, but because they simply aren’t able to. For the conclusion of this argument, I would like you to put yourself in a lower income person’s shoe, starving all day and in dire need of clothes and other simple but valuable objects, when you look at the government and all you see them doing to help is raising the prices, this is why lower income personal should not have a higher tax rate than a higher income person.


Now to another serious topic: whether immigrants illegally coming to America should be deported. I think that they shouldn’t because they would come to America legally if they could but they can’t because they don’t always know English and that means they can’t talk to people. They’re usually war refugees who are in need of work and a place to stay. They’re coming from war-torn countries but are treated like they are some disease. We need to stop this and give these immigrants a chance inAmerica. We should loosen laws for illegal immigrants and let them come to America for new opportunities and a new life.


These are some of the issues in America, and I know there are A LOT more, but we need to fix the major problems at hand and fight against this corrupt government. So please, join me in this fight, and I swear, we will when one day. This concludes this persuasive essay and I hoped I could change your mind on some of these topics.

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It is a persuasive essay on some very serious topics.

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