The Birth of a Nation

October 5, 2017
By Absolute_Zero SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
Absolute_Zero SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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The crack of explosions rumble as cannons and guns are set off. The whizzing of musket balls hurl past your body as you rush towards enemy lines. The smell of gunpowder and blood fill the air as comrade and foe alike die beside you. The screams and wails of soldiers that were wounded in battle. These are some of the things that America was birthed from.

The year is 1775. Colonials and British alike square off for the first time in an open field. One fighting for independence, the other trying to maintain a foothold in its new colony. The beat of the drums fill the tense air as soldiers mount for an attack against their enemy. Before long, the drums silence and the first shot rings out. Fire exploding from the barrel followed by a .75 inch round of pure metal.

The year is 1783. Death and agony fill the battlefield, as blood and tears stain the land. The colonials are free from british occupation. The United States of America is born.

The year is 1861. The South has declared independence from The North. Again blood will be spilt on American soil, this time between brotherians. Again, trenches are dug, muskets are distributed and balls are manufactured. Again, the songs of war are sung to the beat of drums as soldiers march. Bullets fly and soldiers die, two sides fight for independence or the right to be free.

Many wars throughout recent history have been fought over this land. Some fought on our soil, some over seas to protect the freedom of the people left behind. We here take many of the rights we have for granted. This is because you are lucky enough to live in a country where generations of people make the ultimate sacrifice to insure our right to be ignorant. There one day may be a time where we realize this and wake up. Patriotism is the crack of a rifle, sending a bullet toward the enemy. Patriotism is men and women laying down their lives for others to live free and happy lives.

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