I Stand with Vegas

October 3, 2017
By ISeeStars PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
ISeeStars PLATINUM, Charlotte, North Carolina
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There is a lot happening. It is the world, so there is always a lot happening. There will always be murder and rape. Molestation and abuse. Neglect and trauma. We cannot prepare ourselves for it but we can also not turn a blind eye to it. If something happens we go online and post about how we’re praying for those affected and we hope their world goes from topsy turvey to straight soon. We imagine what we would have done if we were there or try to argue amongst ourselves what we think the people in that moment should have done. There’s no right answer and there probably never will be. Officials go online, say how something on a massive scale had a 1 in 100 chance of happening. We heard it in 1991 during the Killeen, Texas massacre where 24 were killed including the shooter. Again in 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut when 28 people, children nonetheless, were killed along with the shooter and his mother. Once again on the Virginia Tech campus in 2007 when 33 were killed including the shooter. Just a little over a year ago very close to my old home in Orlando, Florida when 49 people were killed having the time of their lives at a nightclub. Then, just yesterday, in Las Vegas, Nevada were the toll rose to 59 last night. It did happen though. It happened and there is no “If I was there I would have…” You don’t know what you would have done. So, you go online and you say that you pray for the families because you think there is really nothing else you can do. There are things you can do though. Donate blood. Donate to families to help with funeral costs. Talk about it with people in your community and representatives to set guidelines for safety measures pertaining to outdoor concerts. What not to do is avoid events. Avoid going out because there’s that 1 in 100 chance there will be a mass shooting at your venue. You can’t live with that fear and you can’t change what’s happened. As someone who has attended outdoor concerts for four years, I’m terrified to go again next summer. That won’t stop me though. I’m still going to go and have the best time of my life. The one thing you can never do is allow for fear to control your life. The moment you allow it, you are giving power to everyone who has the same idea in their head. Don't give them the power. Never stop standing tall and living life.



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