If I Could, I Would

People go about life saying, “Regret the things you have done instead of the things you didn’t do.” I am a cautious person who prefers to live life away from the edge. However, I do have some quixotic dreams for myself that would require a lot of work and a leap of faith.  One of my dreams is to become a professional, world known concert violinist and mentor. But if I dedicated my life to this, I could never pull it off being a concert violinist. Something else that I believe I could never accomplish is to help make the world a more peaceful place.


As a normal human being, I have my own selfish desires. I would want to be the best violinist on this Earth. I want to be better than Paganini.  I would be a professional, world famous concert violinist.  I would love to share my talent with other people. I would even hold free concerts for people who can’t afford to see concerts will get to have that experience. In my concerts, I would play lots if different pieces of literature like classical, pop, jazz, show tunes, film scores, and more. With this dream, I probably couldn’t become a concert violinist because that isn’t what I want out of life. In order to make that happen I would have to give up other things love. I would have to give up helping out with theater. I wouldn’t be able to do tech with my friends at my high school. I wouldn’t have time for Girl Scouts. I couldn’t volunteer because I would be to busy practicing to help others in need. In order to become a professional violinist I would have to give up on all the things I love to do.  I would rather be a teacher and help another generation discover their passion of music. It would be hard to do that from a stage.  

I have had so many people say they want world peace and as far as I know, no one knows how to accomplish it. At my school, I have many wonderful friends. They can be loud and obnoxious but I still love them. I hate it when they yell because they want other people to share their opinions.  One day when I was with my friends I had an epiphany. I realized a lot of arguing comes from people trying to out scream each other with their own opinions.  In this world there are two main reasons why people fight. They are even called “touchy subjects” because people don’t want to offend others. I never want to offend any one but the reason why people will yell back is because they want others to hear it their way and only their way. If people where more empathic and could understand what the other person’s viewpoint could be, not expecting agreement with them, the world would be a more peaceful place.

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