I Just Want One Person to Read This and Give Me a Response

September 29, 2017
By fyodor BRONZE, Is, Pennsylvania
fyodor BRONZE, Is, Pennsylvania
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Now, before you deem me as some hot head please really think when you read this article. I want people to think about what I am saying. put this into your own life and the rest of the worlds lives.


just think about it, we could live in a world where we all help each other and we all could be living large. there would be no need for war or money or anything if we all dropped our die hard beliefs and just helped each other. there would be no need for currency and government would just rotate people do do jobs do take care of everyone. if no one complained about work we would all be fine, the people who complain about work should go enter the US military because those guys always come out not complaining about anything and that is something we should all learn. we wouldn't have a need for crime because we are all getting what we wanted. now those with metal diseases can get free treatment and the best treatment out there if only we were more focused on helping each other then ourselves. we shouldn't chase after comfort because we were not made for comfort we were made for something more. it makes me sad that politicians are going out and doing more of what there donors want and not what the people who voted them in want. if our founding fathers came back and saw all this they would be terribly distraught at how these people make decisions. if we had term limits these people would focus more on doing good then making $ hopefully. but the fact we need to create a limit for our politicians is sad because it shows us how they fall to such a simple greed when they already have amazing benefits and will all get great pensions. this world is full of flaws. I'm not just some teen writing because i know someone will read this and hopefully they go out and do something about everything that is happening. the bible is one of the worst pieces of books ever written. things go off and contradict themselves. christianity gave off the mindset that god is all good and that if something bad happens we deserve it. i don't understand how the church back then had such a hold on people on making them agree to that idea. if a baby dies try to explain that one. the argument could be made that they would grow up being a killer. now, see what I did just there? I gave you a question and turned into something you would agree with and made it so i would come out victorious and you would be left questioning. while my statement on the argument is valid, that mindset can be used to achieve what you want. we need to do what others are not willing to do in order to get what we want. I f***ing hate high school so much because all of the kids in there don't no jack s*** about anything in the world and are so focused on themselves. being completely focused on yourself and chasing comfort is what all generations before us have done and after us will chase as well. lets get everyone fed first, how about that? let's solve the world's problems.

The author's comments:

I feel like people don't see the world in a correct way or if they do they do not voice it.

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