August 18, 2017
By MrVernon BRONZE, Hailey, Idaho
MrVernon BRONZE, Hailey, Idaho
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I think politics should resemble a temperature shower knob. There are plenty of choices of what temperature your shower can be. You could love to take hot showers. Or you could love to take cold showers. Either way. Most people have a hard time finding what their temperature best suits them best. Or accepting what other temperature people shower in.

Lots of people feel a lot more “comfortable” in their own temperature. Most won't even think about even slightly turning the knob to the other side. They can be stubborn or mean, because they feel vulnerable when they get taken out of their ideal temperature. But what only some people do is choose to meet in the middle. You have an equal amount of what both have to offer, and you don't have to stay in one temperature or keep trying to find one. Plus both sides are vulnerable, you are no longer in your comfort zone. Which makes it so you are not comfortable you are just “fine”.

Everyone keeps fighting on what THEY think is the right temperature to shower in, so people get “divided”.


Nobody can say what shower temperature they think is the right one anymore because they know they might be ridiculed, or in some cases severely injured. Nobody has the freedom anymore of what they think because their is a 50/50 outcome that your friend or family member thinks the exact opposite, or they totally agree and you can talk freely about it. But there is always that chance that if someone disagrees with you, they will ridicule you on how you are wrong. Everyone just needs to accept it, and be vulnerable and at least meet in the middle. Nobody is asking you to change your temperature completely.

The author's comments:

Not normally polititcal. Thought of it when I was showering.

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