Overcoming Hatred and Divide

August 17, 2017
By , Homercity, PA

My phone viberates.  I turn it on to see the word News Flash  run across the screen.  A news article underneath informs me that at least thirteen people have died in a Barcelona terrorist attack.  Sorrow shoots through me.  Will the violence and hatred ever stop?  Just a couple days ago we were informed of violent protests in Virginia that resulted in three deaths.  When I hear about these horrific events one question goes through my head.  Why?  Has humanity really come to the point where we stop loving others because of their skin color or views?  Have we started to believe the only way to fix the problem is by violence and hurting others?  Another question pops into my head.  Did the people responsible for these horrific events think of all the families that would be affected from their own petty vendettas?  Did they think of the months of hard recovery for all the innocent bystanders who were injured because of someones violent rage?  I have searched my mind over and over again wondering what the solution to all the hatred could be. Then I thought what if we saw more than just skin color and religion.  What if we saw more than politcal opions and nationalities?  I'm convinced if we saw people through the eyes of love this world would be a diffent place.  We must learn to love everyone no matter what they stand for. We should never let skin color divide us.  I'm not saying we should always agree but we should always show kindness.  The only way the world will know peace is by humanity showing love to all.                           

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