Time to Take Down ISIS

June 1, 2017
By Anonymous

There has always been huge problems in this world, and there probably will always be an issue. Now we face the biggest challenge so far, ISIS.  It is time to stop waiting around and letting ISIS strike almost everyday, we need to step up and take action against The Islamic State. The United States has many allies which could help us take a stand against this extreme terrorist group.

As Robert W. Merry states “The President needs to level with the American people and other nations.” If the President can step up and figure out a productive way to go about taking action without causing a major stirrup in the U.S, that is all we can do. Another major key would be to “get Russia and Ukraine to stop with their own battle and get on board.” With both Russia and Ukraine being as powerful as they are, they could end up being a major resource in ending this horrific group.

Airstrikes, the U.S must drown ISIS with airstrikes. “Airstrikes seem decisive because there aren’t any American boots on the ground.” Daniel L. Byman says. There doesn’t always have to be soldiers in the ground to win a battle. Look at the finding of Osama Bin Laden, he was found by tracking him down from the air, then he was killed after they were certain he was there. Byman also states that “A successful attack would take time in many places.” With airstrikes, the U.S could deploy multiple planes and strike at five different places within five minutes.

This topic may not be new because “The West is locked in an epic struggle with Islam.” Liam Byrne says, but ISIS is ramping up. Killing over 6,000 people last year, their leader Abu Omar Khorasani has declared terrorist number will increase by the thousands. ISIS has developed a nickname; Al Qaeda on steroids. We know what Al Qaeda has done and we can expect what might be coming next from ISIS.

Some may believe that ISIS should be handled in more of a powerful way, others think that we are doing just fine. Putting American boots on the ground isn’t a great idea and we should step back and let the Iraqi soldiers handle them. But that is wrong, we don’t necessarily need to deploy soldiers to win this battle. Airstrikes, airstrikes are the key,  as Daniel L. Byman says in an educational journal, “A successful attack would take time in many places”. While we attack one spot we could be attacking 4 different areas with signs of ISIS. Limiting airstrikes to one every couple of days would be a terrible idea. The thought of more soldiers in the middle east, doesn’t sound great after a continuous 20 year battle with Al-Qaeda, too many American heroes died. Ground attacks are not the way to fight. “Airstrikes seems decisive because there aren't American boots on the ground”  Daniel L. Byman also said. There doesn’t need to be a follow up attack after an airstrike.

Our government needs to stop them in their tracks before it’s too late and ISIS has become more powerful than ever, not killing thousands but killing hundreds of thousands. It is time to stop waiting around and letting ISIS strike almost everyday, we need to step up and take action against The Islamic State. United together this world needs to come together and eliminate these atrocious people.

The author's comments:

I personally am sick and tired of seeing almost everyday on the news "ISIS Strikes Again". Now having someone in the oval office who finally realizes this is a major problem, is a moving point. 

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