No More Factory Farms

June 6, 2017
By naaileaa BRONZE, Atascadero, California
naaileaa BRONZE, Atascadero, California
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A factory farm is where 99 percent of animals are raised, then sold to you, but are you aware what is happening inside? Good Afternoon, Ladies and gentlemen of the United States Of America. I am Nailea an organic rancher from San Luis Obispo county in California. I am here to discuss the topic of Concentrated Animal Farming Operations, also called CAFOS or factory farms. Let me explain what a factory farm is. A factory farm is where one hundred and twenty five thousand animals can be held under one roof. These farms are cheap to maintain and cheap at a register. Factory farms also known as CAFOS should be terminated in the United States because it is harmful to animals, the environment, and ourselves.

Let me begin by telling you why we have factory farms. One reason we have factory farms is because the government can control the quality it has. A second reason factory farms can be good is because factory farms make their animals larger than most organic animals. Factory farms also make it convenient for families because of low prices. Although these are some excellent reasons, there are more reasons why factory farms should be abolished!

The first reason to ban factory farms is they are cruel and harmful to animals. Factory farm have tubes that are put down animals throats to be forced fed. The food animals digest have many hormones and antibiotics to make them bigger. Birds are also put into a machine that removes their beaks to prevent pecking at other birds. Birds are also starved to produce more eggs, but birds are not the only ones abused. Caged animals are squeezed into a cage that they can’t move front or back. All this evidence shows that CAFOS are nothing but abusive to animals!
The second reason to eliminate CAFOS is because they are destroying the environment. Factory farms have lagoons that are made up of dead animal parts, animal waste, and sickening smells. That waste is then put into streams and rivers! The lagoons also impact the ocean life! They also pollute well water. Since all sources of water are getting polluted there is less oxygen in the water and more algae is created! Clearly, factory farms are toxic to the environment!


The final reason to abolish factory farms is because they are unhealthy for humans. Inside the product produced by a factory farm there are antibiotics to make them bigger. As we digest these our bodies get immune to them and will not react to them when we are really in need! Our bodies will also change with hormones that will make people obese because they are taking too much. People who live near factory farms are always sick and breathe unhealthy air. CAFOS are seriously deadly for people.

To sum up all these facts let's review the main points. First CAFOS are simply abusive to animals. They are also highly toxic to our environment. Finally, the last reason to end this practice is because they are hurting and weakening us in ways we do not know! There are several ways to feed our society without harming animals, environment, and ourselves! Thank you for listening to me today, and I hope you take banning Concentrated Animal Farming Operations into consideration.

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