North Korea

June 1, 2017
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North Korea is criticized for being ruthless, tyranny, and downright evil, and this scrutiny is well deserved.  North Korea has threatened countless countries, mostly america, and has not shied away from using torture and other crude methods to get what they want.  Most recently North Korea's biggest threat is their nuclear program, which over the last few months has really stepped up. North Korea has admitted that it will not shy away from putting these nuclear weapons into use against other countries they see as a threat. This could lead to untold disaster if even one of these bombs were launched against another country. It would be straight up suicide for North Korea to, because the retaliation from the other countries of the world would be tremendous. The North Korean regime is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

Claim: North Korea has a ruthless tyrant for leader.

There current ruler is crazy mentally challenged, he is threatening nuclear strikes on any country that poses a threat to the dictatorship. This is very irrational cause their number one “threat” is america, currently one of the strongest nuclear powers in the world. If North Korea decides to launch a nuclear attack against any country of the world there would be an uproar from the world and North Korea would get utterly destroyed. These actions and even threats are and very irrational and downright suicidal.

Their current ruler is threatening the world with defective nukes, so far it is estimated that north korea has between 13-21 nuclear weapons, 6 up from 2014. This is not good because they have threatened to use them against countless countries, mostly america. Most sources say it will take them up to 2020 to upgrade the missiles enough to reach america, so we still have time, but hopefully something can be done about the regime before that happens.

Their current ruler is ruthless, and doesn’t allow his citizen to have many rights. The poverty in North Korea is awful, 9 out of 24 million (?) of the population is in poverty, 16% of children are malnourished, 62% of children face poor development. This isn’t even their biggest problem, their harsh dictator, Kim jong-un doesn’t allow freedom of speech freedom of the press, or barely any freedom at all. He can even relocate people to other sides of the country at will, and he does not use this power lightly. Life is tough for the citizens in North Korea. 

Counterclaim: North Korea's leader is a smart a rational leader.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States, the arch enemy of North Korea, admitted it himself, calling Kim Jong-Un a “smart cookie”. Just think of how he eliminated all his close relatives, this is very smart when you think about, seeing as he got rid of all his competition for leader of North Korea before they could get to him first, So he is the only remaining person in his family that can be dictator.

Threatening a few countries with a nuclear strike is a very smart military tactic, it puts countries in their place and shows them who’s boss. And by threatening america, a world power, it’s like taking on the top dog, and if you take down the top dog, you're the top dog. And why does america trust no one with nukes when their the only country that's ever used one, that means they should be the least qualified country to police the world. And it’s a good  thing that it will take up to 2020 to finish making the guided missile system, it means that they will take time to prefect it and make it perfect.

It was a good thing that North Korea keeps their citizens poor. This way they spend less money on feeding them, and more money for their government. And the americans were in the great depression, and when they got out of it, they toughened up, they learned hardship and it was a strong reason they won world war two. Relocating his citizens is also wise because he can put his military bases or factories wherever he wants. It’s a good thing he’s strict to his citizens, that way they don’t become spoiled like americans.

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