Global Warming

June 1, 2017
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Do you like Turtles? What about healthy skin?


Well say goodbye to ocean turtles and healthy skin! Global Warming is a growing threat to humans and our environment. If Global Warming continues it will take a very long time for Earth and its wildlife to recover. The sooner we stop global warming the sooner the Earth will be able recover, and if we try to stop Global Warming now that will lower the risk of some wildlife going extinct.

My first reason for Global Warming being a threat to our environment is the effects on wildlife and their habitats. My first resource is from the National Wildlife Federation. “Droughts caused by global warming could dry up 90 percent of central U.S. wetlands, eliminating essential breeding habitat for ducks, geese and other migratory species.” Earth’s temperature increase will make a lot of species almost close to extinction. This rise in temperature we also make farming increasingly more difficult, because it will be harder to hydrate farmland soil.

My next resource is from Climateandweather
“A sea level rise of only 50cm could cause sea turtles to lose their nesting beaches - over 30% of Caribbean beaches are used by turtles during the nesting season and would be affected.” As the Earth is now getting hotter the Polar Icecaps are starting to melt displacing animals and raising the sea level. This rise in sea level will eventually take nesting beaches away from turtles, making it harder for the to reproduce possibly making them near extinction.

My second reason for Global Warming being a threat to our environment is its effect on Humans. My first resource is from nrcm. “In addition, burning fossil fuels contributes to other air pollution such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury, and other air toxics, and they create a host of other problems, including unhealthful smog and soot; mercury contamination of Maine people, waters and wildlife; and acid rain and ocean acidification.”  The pollutants that cause Global Warming are also affecting wildlife and Humans. These chemicals increase the likelihood of autism and cancer. The toxins in the air is also making more people likely to have Asthma and or respiratory system problems.

My second resource is from climatehotmap: “changes in temperature and precipitation under global warming are likely to lead to other effects that threaten human health and safety. For example, changing precipitation patterns and prolonged heat can create drought, which can cause forest and peat fires, putting residents and firefighters in danger.” As the temperature rises environments can’t adapt Quickly enough making certain parts of the world prone to Natural Disasters. These disasters can affect Human life burning down homes, flooding towns, and ruining City’s. We don’t need anymore drought.

My third Reason for Global Warming being a threat to our environment is it’s breaking down our ozone layer. My first Resource is from ozone-hole“ A depleted ozone layer would allow more of the Sun's rays to reach Earth's surface. An increase in the levels of UV-B reaching the Earth as a result of ozone depletion may compound the effects of spending more time in the Sun.” As more greenhouse gases get trapped in the atmosphere the more the ozone layer breaks down. The more broken the ozone layer is the more we are at risk with problems from the sun. My second resource is from ozone-hole  “The Sun causes damages in the skin's connective tissues, so-called photo-ageing. This shows itself as a thickening of the skin, as wrinkles and decreasing elasticity. Elastine and collagen fibres determining the firmness and elasticity of the skin are damaged. UV radiation increases the risk of getting skin cancer.” The more the Ozone Layer gets ruined all of these skin problems will increase. Greenhouse gases from global warming are destroying the Ozone layer increasing humans risk for skin cancer.

Some would say global warming is a myth and scientists don’t know what they’re talking about. Other people might think that global warming is natural and it is not caused by humans. If you believe any of those claims you are wrong here why.”Earth’s atmosphere contains natural greenhouse gases (mostly water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane) which act to keep the lower layers of the atmosphere warmer than they otherwise would be without those gases. Greenhouse gases trap infrared radiation — the radiant heat energy that the Earth naturally emits to outer space in response to solar heating.” This information proves that global warming is ruining our environment, Earth is heating up! All the facts for global warming are here if this continues earth will be ruined.


Global Warming is a growing threat to humans and our environment. Global warming is taking away turtles homes. It’s causing skin cancer and droughts. Earth doesn’t  need global warming. This epidemic is raising temperatures and sea levels. Global Warming can end if we buy Tesla’s and Priuses. If we work together we can let turtles and polar bears keep their home, and reduce the chance of skin cancer.

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