Travel Ban

May 26, 2017
By , Dunmore, PA

Why can’t everyone be equal? It’s a simple question, really. It does have a very complicated answer. One answer is in fact, hatred. Hatred is something we feel that isn’t a good thing, but here we are, in 2017, dealing with this hatred with our 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

I’ll say it, I have no shame in saying it, I strongly dislike the man. I have reason not to like him, but one reason just has me all mad.

In early March, Trump decided it was a great idea to sign a travel ban to keep immigrants out. Yes, you read that correctly. Let me explain why I’m mad.

You see, America is a melting pot. We have people of all different ethnicities, and religion. One would think that it is ok to have difference, but he is trying to keep immigrants out. Without these immigrants, we have no culture. We’d all look the same, and have no differences. Let’s take a journey way back to when America was founded and do some exploring.

In the Revolutionary War, two immigrants led the battle and helped make America what it is today. Those two are Alexander Hamilton and Marquis de Lafayette. Now, without those two and many other immigrants that fought, we wouldn’t have America.

Many people want this ban though. They want safety. You know who else wants safety? Those poor immigrants who can’t afford anything, can’t become legal, and mostly they are living awful lives. That is why they want to come over.

My Grandfather’s dad came from Italy at age 15. Most of those people on that ship with him were most likely coming for a better life. I don’t understand how that can now be an issue.

Take a look at other countries. They are suffering over there. We can’t help by allowing people to come into this great country? That shocks me, if you want my opinion.

Do I want safety? Yes. Do I want these poor people being treated like nothing trying to get a better life? No! Some people's stupidity and ignorance scares me. It amazes me that a country based upon immigrants can’t bring them in. When we do bring them in, we’re incredibly rude to them and treat them like trash!

It’s come to me that people have never heard of the expression “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” People seriously judge one another by their religion and race. What the heck is wrong with people? I mean, come on, let someone live. If you can say you wouldn’t be friends with a Muslim because they’re a Muslim, just take an easy stroll out of my life, because you aren’t worth my time or presence. Let me ask you a question. Is every single German a Nazi? No. Is every Christian a member of the KKK? No. Is every Muslim a terrorist? No! If you’re attitude is like this, that you feel “dangered” around a Muslim, you’d better change your attitude quickly. Do you have any idea how much you’re hurting someone by thinking that? No, probably not because you only think about yourself. I have been laughed at, by an adult, for this very topic, but do you think I let it bother me? No. Because while she’s laughing, I’ll be over here trying to make peace, and see the best in everyone. Am I saying I dislike people who think this way? No, not at all. I wouldn’t want those types of people in my presence though. I don’t like wasting my time on people who’ll just judge people based on their religious beliefs.

This travel ban has probably gotten many others, who don’t live in America, very mad, and I can see why.

To conclude, this ban has gotten me outraged. Spread love, because who likes someone negative?

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