The Controversy Over Euthanasia

May 24, 2017
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Euthanasia is a widely controversial topic. However, its availability should increase so the suffering can receive the treatment that is best for them.

Euthanasia is not a bright topic, and we don't want to talk about. But we need to. There are people across the world suffering from intolerable pain and are being deprived of a humane death. I believe that euthanasia should be legalized.

41% of Americans disagree with euthanasia where 53% do. If we legalize it, there would be an option for both sides. If you don't agree don't get it! But we need to let those who do need it to at least have the option. As humans, we need these choices in our lives. Allowing the legalization of euthanasia would provide more sensitive conversations between patients and their doctor. This will create more patient physician trust and enhance the detection of treatable depression. Americans should have the right to refuse unwanted medical care and be allowed a peaceful and painless death amongst family.

Those who oppose euthanasia believe that sick patients should never have the privilege to make medical decisions. This includes signing a DNR. They fear that in legalized states, like Oregon, the law would be abused by the poor who are unable to afford health insurance and were desperate to be released from pain. They feel that the availability of good palliative care means euthanasia should never be an option and that it goes against medical ethics. Another fear is that if legalized, euthanasia would soon spread in availability. Not only the could the sick receive it, but the healthy could too.

These opposing arguments lack substantial evidence. Almost all those who have used euthanasia have been well-educated, insured, and in hospice care. And a study by the university of Utah found no evidence of abuse of the euthanasia systems in place. Because the systems in place are achieving their goal and working to prevent abuse we should continue to support the spread of this system and encourage the legalization of euthanasia. We can individually support by voting, going to rallies, and by finding an understanding of the pain patients go through.

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