Argument Against Assisted Suicide

May 24, 2017
By Anonymous

A very controversial topic, yet maybe one of the most controversial topics in America today would be should assisted suicide be legal? There are many opinions about this. One opinion obviously being no and that anyone who partakes in it is basically committing murder. The other side of the argument is where the death with dignity act comes into play.

The assisted suicide law that originated in the state of Oregon should be legal in all 50 states. The assisted suicide law suggests that any person who is terminally ill can go and choose to die with dignity. The first incident that brought this law to the public's eye was the 29 year old woman who who went to go take action in her assisted suicide, even though she seemed to be in perfect shape. What the public saw was a woman going to end her life even though she was in perfect health condition. Which yes in that case the death with dignity law should be prohibited and it is. However what the public didn't know was that this 29 year old had a brain tumor that was so large that the doctors prescribed full brain radiation. Even though this was an option it wouldn't save her life and would “destroy her remaining time.” In this article she states “I can't imagine trying to rob anyone else of this choice” and also states how no one has the right to take that choice away from her.

Even though i strongly agree with this law I can see where someone else would disagree with it. How could someone partake in another person's death because that person isn't enjoying his/her life? While i see where someone is coming from on this stance I can assure them that this is not how it works. In order for someone to receive the assisted suicide that person has to meet the criteria. Meaning they have to have a terminal illness with no possible way of them getting better. Yes, I know someone could go and live out the rest of their life in hospice and die “naturally”. However, if you had cancer and there was no possible way of getting better would you want to choose when you die, and be able to die with everyone you love in the room? Or would you want to live out your life “naturally” while in pain and not even enjoying life? I don't know about you but I would choose dying surrounded by everyone I love in a more humane way because I don't believe living life while being in so much pain that you're not even enjoying life is a “natural” way to die.

There are many benefits to this law, which is why it should be legal in all 50 states and not just five. One benefit being you die with dignity meaning you die with your loved ones surrounding you while you're still happy and somewhat enjoy life. This also means you die before the terminal illness destroys you so that way you still look like yourself. Another benefit being you stand by your right as a citizen, meaning you still have your liberty to do what you want. You have the right to do as you please and people will respect your wishes. Lastly, another benefit would be as a terminally ill person you get to avoid the excruciating pain and embrace the timely and dignified death you have the right to.

All in all the right to die is the ultimate civil right and to deprive terminally ill people who want to end their suffering is wrong. Every person has a right to live with at least a minimum dignity and when that state is taken away is against the person's right. With this law in place you are justifying the person's right and are allowing them to take action in something they strongly believe in and also something they have a right to choose to do.

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