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May 6, 2017
By Juan32 BRONZE, Herriman, Utah
Juan32 BRONZE, Herriman, Utah
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Did you know that many people die or get injured from guns? Gun laws can help and protect people from shootings and other people's bad choices. Guns can be carried by people around the U.S. so they can protect themselves. When shootings happen more gun laws come out to protect people in our country. There should be more gun laws because, They protect and keep more people safe,Criminals will have less ways to get or take guns, and they will make the crime rate go down tremendously.
First, there should be more gun laws so people can feel more safe and secure because
less shootings will happen. “The gun-homicide rate per capital in the U.S. is 30 times that of Britain and Australia, 10 times that of India and four times that of Switzerland.” In the United States we have way more gun problems than other countries that should tell us we need to make more restrictions to our guns. When “we do not have sufficient common-sense gun-safety laws” we have more shootings it’s that obvious that we need to restrict Americans more when it comes to guns. 

Next, with more gun laws it will keep the criminals from getting guns in the first place which will prevent more crime. “if the United States were as mature as the countries of Europe, where strict gun control is the norm, the federal government would have a much easier time curtailing the average citizen’s access to weapons.” If we would be like other countries with gun laws these problems wouldn’t be so frequent. Us “Americans understand we should be changing these laws — including the majority of responsible, law-abiding gun owners.” We should change the laws and add more laws because not everyone follows the gun laws and making more laws will only let good people have those guns.


Finally, they will make the crime rate go down and less shootings will happen so less people will die. “Gun violence in America is off the chart compared with every other country on the planet.” Every other country is way better with guns and they have less problems than the U.S. because they have learned how to take care of that and the way to solve the gun problem is to make more gun laws. “Guns are responsible for roughly 30,000 deaths a year in America.”  Like they said over 30,000 deaths are from guns so we need to make more gun laws so that number will get lower.


Some may argue that strict gun laws won’t change the problem of the most gun deaths in the United States. That is incorrect because if you look at all the other countries and their gun laws then you will see that that’s the way you make it so there will be less shootings and accidents with guns. If you didn’t make any gun laws that can prevent shootings will happen, it’s that obvious people we need to add more strict gun laws. Those who disagree don’t want to make peace in our country so let us try to make peace in our country.


There should be more gun laws and better gun laws to help and protect our country. More gun laws will protect people from others and themselves and keep everyone safe. Those who make bad decisions with guns won’t get to them and won’t be able to steal them. The rate of crime in our country will go down a bunch more if we have more gun laws. Now when the gun laws get more strict and when there are more of them there will be less shootings and it will save many people's lives.

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