Immigrants Against Trump

April 10, 2017
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I interviewed two immigrants from Mexico who wanted to be kept anonymous, a series of questions dealing with President Trump's speech and here ware their responses. I first asked if they have committed any crimes, the first person answered “no, well the only crime I have done was crossing the border to come to the United States.” and the second person responded “I have never committed a crime, I would say crossing the border but I came with a green card.” The point here is that the majority of the people that cross the border to come to the united states are not bad people and criminals like President Trump said.

According to President Donald Trump immigrants only come to the United States to cause harm. He called them many things and that gave a point of view that many did not like.  “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” (Donald J. Trump, Breitbart) Many people disagreed to this statement. However in these two people’s opinion the things he said are “Lies, what he said was inappropriate for someone who is supposed to be really mature.”

When President Donald Trump gave that speech it affected all immigrants. First of all because he is a very powerful and a very well known man so most of the world heard his speech. Second of all because he is a big influence in this country and many will believe and agree with whatever he says. So after his speech many people's point of view and opinions about immigrants changed.

Trump said that people are bad here but why would someone go to a new state to be a bad person? Why not just do it in their native state? That really makes no sense, thinking people come here to be bad and to cause harm. But the real question is; do you think people choose to be bad? Overall the percentage of immigrants that come to the U.S  come for good however we can’t deny that there are people that can cause harm.

Trump called immigrants many mean things and he referred to all of them not just some or one. After his speech many immigrants said he was wrong and many more proved him wrong. “Why would he just assume that? Why would he discriminate us that bad making people think bad things about us. Most of the people I know have never done anything bad in their lives and now Trump’s supporters think all of them have. ” Thanks to Trump many doors have been closed for many hispanics. Many have been turned down on jobs for example. Others got fired from jobs they already had, some got bullied just for the facts they are hispanic. In some cases it got to the point where people and families had to return to their native countries because they had no chance here anymore and because they thought Trump is going to soon kick everyone out of this country.

After Donald Trump gave this speech he was viewed as an immature individual because who with such power and elegance like his would talk so bad about others without being 100 percent sure about his statements. Everyone got a different view toward his speech many agreed but most of the people didn’t. It was just a bunch of controversy and chaos.

People had to go through hell and back to be able to cross the border, and now Trump is trying to kick them out. Many had to do so many sacrifices like leaving everything behind, and now it will not be worth it since they will apparently be kicked out soon. “My husband came to to the United States before I did. He stayed here with his brother and had to work six months to gather 4,000 dollars. He worked two jobs, he had to pay rent, buy food, and spend money on his needs but he still managed to save up to pay for us four to get to the united States. We have a small house, a car and a good life here.”

Have we ever taken time to think about the immigrants that have actually accomplished something good in this country? Apparently no. We have only been focusing how the people that be doing bad, on the ones that have committed some mistakes. For example what about those people that have build businesses and that now employ many many other people. That thanks to them there's many people that have money for rent and food. Some have purposes and they come with great intentions to accomplish good things in a great country. Many actually come here study do good in life go to college and get really good jobs. They get their families build up and just lived a good life. No one comes here to mess up their life.

The United States if a free country, a place where you can be you, a place where people come seeking opportunities and better lives. If people come for those reasons why would they mess it up? Why would they commit any crimes or do anything wrong that would affect them and their families future? Have any of them actually committed a crime like rape, murder, or stealing?People of the U.S. and immigrants are smarter than that, they are smarter than Trump thinks they are.

The United States is full of opportunities, if it wasn't people wouldn’t come here. Like in other countries people barely have jobs and money to buy food and pay rent and here in the U.S. there is job opportunities everywhere and all kinds of jobs. One of the questions asked to the people was do you think moving here was a good idea? And these ware their answers. “Yes, because I have a good education here and we have good jobs. Here we I food every day and that is something that we were not capable of doing before. We also have a car and a house, that we never had in Mexico.”

Immigrants come to the United States for many more other reasons, they do not come here to hurt people or make them suffer. One of the reasons why they come is for work. To find a better future for them and their children. “My parents decided to come to the United States because Mexico was getting too violent and they wanted me and my siblings to have an opportunity in life. Also there was a lot of corruption over there and no one can live in peace like that.” Most of the people come to the U.S. for the same reason they came here which is just for a better life. No one really comes to the United States to cause harm, they only come here to survive.
Americans don’t want Mexicans to work anymore since apparently they come to “steal jobs” as President Trump stated. But do they really come to steal jobs? The honest truth is no. Jobs ware available here before any of them came so why would people say they came to steal them. No one took it that way till trump said that so now thats everyones opinion. Americans complain about it but yet they are still not capable of doing the same jobs immigrants do. Many don’t realize that new and more advanced technology are the ones who are truthly “stealing” american citizens jobs, since one of the things trump said was that Mexicans brought many drugs to the U.S. “I said we will get the criminals out. The drug lords, the gang members - we’re getting them out” (Donald J. Trump) According to Business Insider, the country that mostly transport drugs to the us is Colombia not Mexico. Theres other countries that have a higher rank than Mexico in drug trafficking, places like Bolivia, Peru, and Jamaica. Besides that there are many more other countries out there that we have to truthly worry about like Iraq that tries to bring war not just drugs.

“Building a wall is a bad is a bad idea, waste of money and time. And besides people would still find the way to get over it.” People believe that by building a wall taxes would get higher and they really don't like that idea. It is also said that by building it it my destroy the ecosystem and it might create floods if they do it over the river. The water won’t be able to flow so there is a possibility of it happening.

Trump is trying to make the United States a whole new place. He wants to bring new laws and build new things but has he thought about the effect all of that will bring to the country and its people. What if he comes up with a new law that affects american citizens? If he does would they still be supporting him or would they now hate him and go against him? He needs to be smart and think about everything he does.

Now people are viewing Trump as racist too. He is probably the first president that has ever said things like the ones he did. So now according to people’s opinions we have a racist president that is trying to “make this country better”. Overall immigrants don’t want Trump as president because he dislikes them so much. Since the start they have gone against him and tried to stop him but it has been impossible. Now they are all in hope everything turns out to be okay.

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