You Think This Doesn’t Affect Me?

April 7, 2017
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Dear Mr.Donald J. Trump,

Notice I didn’t call you my president. Before you ask, yes. I am a resident of the United States of America. But since you have been elected into office, are we really united? Since the people have cast their vote I have lost all hope. I know you may be tired of people all up in your issues and hearing opinion after opinion, but, well, here’s another one for you. See my generation is the one of the future. I may only be 13 but really, America, I expected a lot more. In my future I want equal rights and an open immigration policy.

Why? Because all the immigrants I know came to the U.S for a better life, better safety. They all thought come to the United States there my kids can have a better education and live a life I never got a chance to live. Which is what America stands for. But since you have been elected into office, according to my pastor 41 immigrants from the state of New York have been sent back to where they came from. Families are being ripped apart because of you.No I’m not a raging feminist who only supports Hillary Clinton. I am a raging equalist who supports things that are equal and right. But let me tell you, your ways and policies are in no way equal or right. Yes, I am willing to put up a fight for what’s right.

Against you who is normalizing sexual assault. You, who want to ban all Muslims from the country because you think they’re terrorists? Come on now, Trump, if that isn't racist and stereotypical, I don’t know what is. Along with that you have some really bad groups out there hoping and praying for you: If the KKK supports you, what does that say about you? You are a racist and liar. You said you had to struggle just to get a start when you had the richest father and a small loan of a million dollars.

You also said you had to fight just to get to the top when we don’t know if you have paid taxes since 2005. Yea, that’s right. Yea, you live the lavish life. You don't understand what it’s like. To be scared in a free country. To worry about the smallest things in life. To worry about not having enough money to buy things. You throw money around like it’s not a big deal. To some people all that money could make a real difference in their lives. You could save their lives. You wouldn’t make that choice though. And yes I said it and I won’t regret it.
But in the end do I have a choice? I can’t cast any votes. It’s like my voice isn’t heard. But my writing may be read, and things may be said. So people can really start regretting their choice.

Sincerely, Nicole R.
Notice how sincere I am about this

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