The Mandella Effect

April 7, 2017

What if I told you that “Oscar Mayer” hot dogs are really spelt, “Oscar Meyer”. There is a renowned theory on the internet that explains this called, The Mandela Effect.  The Mandela Effect is a widespread phenomenon in which a group of people all mis-remember a certain detail or event. The theory got its name from an instance in which a large group of people recall Nelson Mandela dying years before his actual death in 2013. Some people believe that this effect is caused by parallel universes in which small details people remember are changed. However, this is just one of many events that has created utter chaos throughout the internet and to truly understand the confusion you will need to see a few more examples.

The Berenstein Bears was a popular children’s book for people born in the 2000s. Now what if I told you that the Berenstein Bears are really the Berenstain Bears with an “a”, and have been your whole life? Like many others, I am still shocked by this, and the first time I came across this I rushed upstairs and found my old beloved children book. Sure enough, the title spelled out Berenstain Bears and left me questioning my whole childhood. Still in doubt of the authenticity of this claim? Search it on the internet and see what comes up. Did somebody go back in time just to change one letter of the book’s title? Or maybe there’s another earth in another dimension that has the book spelled out as, “Berenstein Bears”.

Everyone knows the famous line from Snow White, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…” However, if that’s how you recall the line, maybe you should rewatch the movie. The line actually goes, “ Magic mirror on the wall…” How can such a historic line from such a famous movie be so easily mistaken. There’s even a movie called “Mirror, Mirror”, that came out in 2012 starring Julia Roberts portraying a princess. It is confirmed that in 1937 the original Snow White movie did indeed say, “Magic Mirror...”. Are humans losing their memory, or is this an altercation caused by time travel or parallel universes? A huge amount of people still insist that it’s, “Mirror, Mirror...”, so something does not add up.

Like Snow White’s mass appeal to the public, Star Wars is one of the most iconic movie lines of all time. Luke Skywalker as a young, heroic “jedi” led his galaxy against the harsh imperial forces captained by their notorious leader, Darth Vader. Everyone remembers the face off between Luke and Darth Vader, where Darth Vader spouts out the infamous line, “Luke, I am your father.” Sadly, this line is inaccurate. Darth Vader actually said “No, I am your father.” As crazy as it sounds, the most iconic line from Star Wars never happened. This line has been misinterpreted by the mass for many years. What’s a more reasonable explanation for this, somebody going back in time and convincing George Lucas to change up the script or millions of people having hearing problems? This line has been printed on shirts, used in parodies, and even in video games. So, something definitely does not add up when it comes down to this heartbreaking discovery.

This television series might not measure up to the Star Wars saga, but it was still a very successful show nonetheless. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, and Sylvester the cat are all important parts of our childhood, as we adored these characters. They all were apart of the hit cartoon show, Looney Tunes. Looney Tunes? Yes, the name is not “Looney Toons”, despite utter belief. This issue arose in 2014, when people claimed that Toons was spelled with two Os, and it got an immense amount of support. If you search the show up on the internet, there is no history of it ever being marketed or spelled that way. There is a show called “Tiny Toons”, but “Toons” believers disregard that alternative influence. On November 13th, 2015 something strange affected many believers of this mandela effect. A large amount of people claim that the word “Looney Tunes” switched to “Looney Toons” on multiple websites and then back again in an hour. There is no exact way to describe this claim and its authenticity, but it is extremely odd that such a large mass of people reported this.

All these strange occurrences have sparked society with curiosity and doubt. How could these events just change all of a sudden? Personally, I vividly remember the “Berenstein Bears” and in no way did I watch the “Berenstain Bears”. It just did not work like that. I, like many others, am shellshocked by these anomalies. How does something randomly change it’s identity and texture over time. Did somebody actually travel back in time? Are companies trolling society? Are we living in a parallel universe? All these questions were far-fetched before reading this, but now seem possible. Something freaky is happening, and it is influxing the tension over time travel and movie-like events. So many questions are left unanswered. Is this a sign of more to come? Based on the past, the answer is yes. There will be more utter panic moments, where you will start questioning your whole childhood and how sound your memory truly is.

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