Why Andrew Jackson Deserves to Stay on the $20 Bill

April 5, 2017
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Andrew Jackson is considered to have had one of the most controversial presidencies in American history. His radical policies and practices shocked the politically conservative, and his promotion of the common man was a feat of its own. Because of the standards he set during his presidency, Andrew Jackson is proudly printed on our twenty-dollar bill. In recent years however, the notion of replacing his picture on the bill has been debated. The controversy of his presidency as seen by our cosmopolitan eyes seems outrageous, and employees of the fed under the Obama Administration have made an executive decision to replace his face with Harriet Tubman. Unfortunately, the founder of the Democratic Party has seen his days. Andrew Jackson is a villain and hero alike, but he does not deserve to be removed from the twenty-dollar bill.

Andrew Jackson may have done some questionable things in the presidency, but he still deserves to be on the twenty-dollar bill. Andrew Jackson was a political pioneer. First of all, he founded the democratic party. He also coined the practice of rotation in office, a practice where the president selects certain members of his cabinet because of their support. During the Petticoat Affair, he demonstrated his intense devotion to the presidency by firing members of his cabinet who were acting up and not respecting their roles in the White House. He was a champion of the common man throughout his campaign and his presidency, advocating for the rights of farmers, and condemning the corruption of the rich. A war hero in the War of 1812, Jackson was a new kind of president. Born in a log cabin, he was a self-made man who people could truly relate to. The ways Andrew Jackson transformed politics and the presidency and clear indicators of his place on the twenty-dollar bill. Once remembered as a war hero and symbol of democracy, Andrew Jackson is now highlighted by his faults.

As liberalism takes a strong grasp on society and the government, Andrew Jackson’s place on the twenty-dollar bill has been questioned. When he was first put on the bill in 1920 (replacing Grover Cleveland), he was nothing short of a hero. Now, he is harshly criticized for his role in the Indian Removal Act. Andrew Jackson’s forceful removal of five native American tribes from their land to Oklahoma killed one out of every four Cherokee Indians on what was later known as “The Trail of Tears.” During that time period, it was more acceptable in society to do such a thing, but now it is viewed as atrocious. Humans rights activists and most Americans would agree that the Indian Removal Act was brutal. Along with this, Jackson also tried to abolish the Bank of the United States, claiming that it was controlled by the wealthy and corrupt. He proceeded deny the bank’s charter when it came up for renewal and transfer federal funds to state banks. This was a large contributor the Panic of 1837, an economic crisis inherited by Martin van Buren. Although he may seem like a villain, Jackson’s decisions were deemed acceptable by most during his time period, however they are deemed inhumane in the 21st century.

Some would say Andrew Jackson was a hero, others would say a villain. His role in the abolishment of the Bank of the United States and The Indian Removal Act are very controversial, without a doubt. But, his presidency was the only time in American history that we as a nation were without debt. War hero, founder of the democratic party, and presidential pioneer, Andrew Jackson was many things to many different people. Yes, he fired his entire cabinet because of a social dispute, and came from a questionable background. But he was put on the twenty-dollar bill for a reason, not just randomly. It’s not the mellow and conservative people that make headlines. It’s the provocative, challenging the status-quo people that are the famous. Hero or villain, Andrew Jackson earned his place on the twenty-dollar bill.

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an extreme liberal said...
Apr. 20 at 8:19 pm
u idiot lol the man literally made the decision that led to the brutal deaths of over 4,000 Cherokees so that some white men could have a little more farming land. You honestly think that because during his presidency we were without debt for like three days he deserves to be on the $20 bill more than Harriet Tubman who risked her life more than 13 times and saved over 70 people from slavery? just dumb you're so ignorant
bidiiii replied...
Nov. 15 at 9:29 am
boi he still helped thw world and was the smartst persin in the world
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