Addressing the Literal Elephant in the Room

April 4, 2017
By AubreyP BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
AubreyP BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
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In this day and age, for me, the scariest noise I can hear is a news alert on my phone. What is it next? Is there another race riot in the South or Midwest? Has our new “President” ordered a nuclear missile launch at our enemies? Are our enemies (Looking at you North Korea/Iran) planning to drop a missile on us? Now, Republicans say that we need to show our strength across the globe. “Fear is good,” they’d say. “More airstrikes, less enemies,” they’d say. We can’t just drop hundreds of bombs a day on a foreign land, where we have little to no business dealing with the problems they face already. The more we attack them, the more they are going to develop a deep hatred for us, and soon they will launch another devastating attack on us that will cause us to launch even more airstrikes which will make the cycle go into a loop for who knows how long.

The argument the liberals are making to the conservatives is that if we get out this cycle, no American lives will be lost. However, in many large religions, including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, revenge plays a large role. According to biblestudytools, The Bible (Christianity) first had the idea of revenge. It might not be as large as what the extremists do, but they always refer their ideas back to some silly old sentence such as in “An eye for an eye” is in the Book of Matthew. The Muslim extremists are not going to stop until they have blown America half to hell. Therefore, according to the other side, unless we launch more airstrikes on them, they will keep launching brutal attacks on us. I believe that we should leave them alone, but we should also increase our defense system. Why attack them when they can’t attack us?

Unfortunately, people like Donald Trump and Steve Bannon think that banning the people from certain Muslim countries is a good idea. First of all, no it’s not. This idea is xenophobic, stereotypical, and even racist. Second of all, they’re banning the wrong countries. They are banning the counties where ISIS is present, but not where the terrorists are arriving from. Trump doesn’t want to ban the countries where he would have business ties, and other Republicans don’t want ban them because we have military alliances with them, most notably Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The Saudi Arabian government funded 9/11, and the mastermind behind the actual attack was Saudi Arabian! And the saddest part of this is that we are still supporting them.

I know most of the opinions I have in my deepest thoughts would be considered unconstitutional by my Republican friends. However, these ideas just float through my head just like the millions of ideas, rants, capital cities, and math equations that are crammed into my brain every day. Others that are less radical stay in my mind and I might even use in an argument maybe at the lunch table with my peers.

People won’t just accept that our country needs fixing. During the election, I saw that what Trump promised were solutions that would solve problems facing Americans today, like ISIS or competition with China(Insert weird pronunciation), but he seemed to avoid the problems facing America in the future, such as Global Warming, Global Cooperation, or preserving the Amazon. That’s why I believe that Trump is a person who will help the Americans of today, but who will help the Americans of tomorrow?

The author's comments:

After the election, I felt that I just needed to get what off my chest what I thought about everything that was happening.

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