April 3, 2017
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The world is facing many challenges after trump's election, but one group in particular are facing more consequences. The LGBT ( Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender) community is one of the most hated groups in America. These groups show their pride of their sexuality and diversity, but doing so they get more hate and mean comments from others.

Many people in America think it's gross and not right. Growing up you were not taught who you should love…..and you shouldn't be. People fall in love with each other from spending a lot of time together and connecting with them. That's how many of these people feel with their same gender. They can't help who they love. I didn't know loving someone was a bad thing. The world should be full of equality and love. No one should be treated differently for whom they have affection for. Love comes from all over, whether it's from the same gender or opposite. Love is love, it has no limits.

About 30% of the gay youth attempts suicide at the age of 15 from all the negative stuff they get from people. At such a young age they already want to commit suicide. Kids get the courage to come out to their parents, but some of them are disappointed in their kid which makes them feel depressed and make them think they don't love them anymore. Some parents kick their own child out because they are ashamed of them. They go through so much just to be themselves. Why do we act like this? Possibly because we are jealous that they aren't afraid to be who they are.

That's another problem in our society. So many people be who others want them to be. The LGBT community are not afraid to be who they are which is how everyone should be. Kids are expected to live up to their parents expectations. They do not want to disappoint them so they go along with what everyone is doing. Just because everyone is doing that does not mean you have to be a follower and do what they are doing. It's time for us to start being our own leaders and do what we want for once in our lives. It doesn't matter if you’re LGBT, Always stay true to yourself.

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