The United States Military Is Running Out of Money

March 28, 2017
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The United States, with citizens living each day with nothing to worry about. But all of what they say is just what the media wants us to hear. Behind the scenes of our great government lies a significant arsenal of weaponry and personnel that keep our nation safe. That is why we have to preserve this as our nation's number one priority. The only problem with this is all the money that is projected to be expended in the long run. By the 2020, if we focus all of the United States economy into the military, we would not have to fund anymore wars or more advanced militaries any longer if there are no other super powers to challenge us. From taking away from other less useful factors of the American lifestyle, like a healthy diet, to the use of our unstoppable military presence. All we have to do is start with the basics.

A couple of years is not much time at all when you think about it. So why should Americans care about what they eat for a little bit of time within their entire lifeline. Instead of spending a monumental amount of the American economy on a everyday expensive meal, we should become more efficient with the money that is already provided. Big named companies and fast food chains are doing a fantastic job at doing this already. As Lee Breslouer once said, “Fast food: It’s supposed to be cheap”. This is exactly the point. With cheaper meals to produce and sell, more of the economy can be put to more important factors in our nation, like weapons of mass destruction and an even stronger military stacked upon the military that we have across the world. Instead of having a strong military spread out sparsely around the world, we can use the extra money we get from the food industries and install more military bases in other superpowers borders to ensure protect for the homeland. “The longer we go without increasing military expenditures, the more dangerous the world is likely to become”(Salam). The United States military is a key factor in protecting what we, as Americans, have to love and enjoy. One of the elements that we love, is food. So to ensure the safety of our food for the future generations of American citizens, we should fund our military and cut back on unnecessary cost to more expensive and time consuming meals. Taking pride in our dollar menus and creating a more happy and safe environment, not just for you but everyone around us.

The food industry, that's just phase one. What we need is a plan of action. With all the extra money being generated and collected from cheaping more delicious meals at home, the military would not need to be funded for much longer. As of now, where do we see our military? A group of highly advanced personnel trying to put an end to a war or waiting for something major to happen? The United States should stop wasting the military budget, and take action against any possible conflicts. Taking our trillion dollar army and technologically advanced machinery, and doubling it to eliminate the threat from other major superpowers in the future. As of right now, the rest of the world is slowly catching up to our superior military might. “The asian powerhouse... Other than the U.S. to spend more than $100 billion on defense last year, doling out an estimated total of $215 billion” (U.S. News). These numbers can be troubling in the long run. If another superpower got within a trillion dollars worth between our military, there would be a sure sign of aggression from that nation. Looking to challenge our high-tech airplanes, and indestructible M1 Abrams battlefield tanks. The only way to keep other competitors out of grasps of our militaristic stance on the world, we have to invest more of our economy into the military so the United States can be the only superpower left. While military funding is an issue and will affect many Americans in the future, why not end it sooner? With a couple of years of a massive military budget, surely the United States can put an end to other military build ups, ending the need for money for the army. In Barbara Starr’s article published on CNN Politics, she had said that “President Barack Obama is increasingly calling upon special operations forces to carry out so-called “Small wars” across the Middle East and Africa…”. Taking in the extra money we gather from the food industries, we can put an end to these “Small Wars” for good, allowing us to put back more money into our economy in the long run. Crushing out the aggressors by doubling the military’s budget and ending the need for military funding for the future generations of American Citizens.

The problem is easy to solve. Everyone hates spending money on a military and funding wars that we do not know how long until it is all finally over. So why not just take a couple years of immense funding and end it sooner than trying to drag it out by putting in pocket change to fund our military. One problem with investing into the military is that we already have the strongest fighting force on the planet, but it can always be better, right? While a slight portion of our population would benefit from this auxiliary amount of resources, who cares. In the futures, more money can be put back into those communities when we do not have to fund a military anymore. So let's end military spending in the future by sacrificing a couple of years of cheaper meals, and creating an even more technologically advanced army, navy, and air force. While we already have the best military in the world, why not make it double the strength so we can show it off to the rest of the world. So help the cause, and contact your local senators to get our military out of this economical lack of resources.

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