Impeachment of President Park

March 27, 2017
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President Park broke constitution such as infringement of property rights, The deterioration of economic order, etc (hun). Therefore by breaking the laws, she has to be strictly punished with impeachment.

First of all, as mentioned before, the president broke a ton of laws. The person that disobeyed the laws was the leader of a country, not an ordinary person. This then automatically leads to a natural decision of impeachment. In this case, only by looking at the quantity of the laws that she broke is a lot. It’s because she has broken about 15 laws (Pryous) including infringement of property rights, not securing citizens’ lives and body. Also, she forced a business group to form certain sports team and invest money on K-Sports (Reasons for). It is a group that is created for their own benefits, (Reasons for) and also the laws that she broke are all significant laws. Those laws that she broke are the ones that I think really needed to be obeyed although all of the laws should be obeyed since it has things to do with people's’ lives.

Secondly, president Park’s charges also include not guaranteed right to life which means that president Park haven’t given people right to live by the action during 7 hours of ferry accident. Also, not giving freedom of speech, etc (Pryous). Those were only few of the constitutions that she disobeyed, and there are lot more such as abusing one’s authorities. By this I think most of people from Korea were embarrassed for being a citizen of a country where the president is constantly disobeying the laws.

Based on one of my researches, I’ve knew that based on SBS, local broadcasting, they said “president Park asked hairdressor to make her hair look messy” (Reasons for). However, my opinion on this plan is so that she looked like she was working during the missing hours on the day of the accident. She has also got plastic surgery during those missing hours.

Based on reading related news to this one of big deal in Korea, I felt that not just because the majority of people think the president should be impeached, but because of how she was extremely useless as a leader, as a president of Korea. Even when she had a appointment with Barack Obama, she wasn’t able to answer to the reporter’s question. I personally felt that she didn’t met the requirements to be a president, but because her dad was principal, she may  be wanted to be a president for her own profit.

There could possibly be an argument that the impeachment of president Park should be dismissed because of following reasons. FIrstly, that the president Park doesn’t have any child to bequeath any money or any other things during her presidency. Therefore this doesn’t make sense for bribery. However it does not states that , but then it’s not suitable for the evidence for the impeachment trial. However, even if the president Park doesn’t have any children to bequette her money, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t establish the requirements for impeachment of trial. Therefore this kind of thinking could possibly exist, but it won’t be able to block the trial for impeachment. It’s because the position of president park is different from normal people just like me.

Based on those reasons mentioned before in the text, I state that the president Park should be impeached so that we can have a smarter person to be a principal of Korea. Also, I wondering what would happen in tomorrow’s trial.

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