Abolish Capital Punishment

March 27, 2017
By Ango21 BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh City, Other
Ango21 BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh City, Other
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The death sentence started in the 18th century B.C (Daileda). The death sentence was a way to get rid of serial killers or people who disobeyed the law. The intention was to make people feel afraid that if did they did do something like killing, the punishment would be death. About 21 states in the US have discarded the death penalty (States). Death penalties are often carried out by lethal injection, electric chair, gas chambers, and more. The death sentence is very cruel to the human society. Not one person should have to pay with their life for something that they did. This is why we should get rid of the death sentence in America.

I don’t know what it feels like to be in the death sentence. But by looking at the information about the death sentence, I can say it is very horrific. Just imagine yourself sitting on a cold concrete floor eating your last meal on earth. Scary, right? You are shackled away by the security guards to a metal door. They tell you to lay on a metal table and strap you down. They prepare the lethal injection, so you close your eyes knowing that you will never be open in the same world again.

Just thinking of that gives me the chills.

Studies have shown that 1 in every 25 people on the death sentence has been proven innocent (Levy). Not only does death sentence kill people, they also make mistakes. A study at The University of Columbia found out that 68% of all the death penalty trials were reversed on appeal (The). Meaning that the court made a mistake, so they would have to retry the case again. The evidence shows us that the death sentence is a very risky process, and innocent people could die for a crime that they did not commit. It is best to abolish the capital punishment before more and more innocent people get hurt.

Did you know that California could save up to 120 millions of dollars if they the governor sentenced death row inmates to life without parole (Cost)? Not only does California save money, but the Oregon Judicial Department alone would save up to 2.3$ million annually if the death sentence were abolished (Facts).

The death sentence violates human rights and dignity. The death sentence violates the person’s right to live (Why). It violates the right to live, and the right to not be subjected to torture and other cruel things. (Why)
To be honest, here, the death sentence is mostly determined by race and wealth. Richer people can afford more experienced lawyers. While the unfortunate ones may not be able to afford any lawyer. Rich people could easily afford an experienced one. A popular example is a trial against O.J Simpson, O.J Simpson was put up for 1st-degree murder. This means that he could potentially get the death sentence, but he was let go as a free man. This is mostly because of his fame and wealth. He had all the money that he needed to get an excellent lawyer, and he did. This is why the death sentence is so unfair, this is one of the reasons why we should get rid of the death sentence.

There are numerous people that think that keeping the death sentence is a good thing because you get to kill off criminals that are doing bad things. People also think that the crime rates will go down, but in actuality, the death sentence does not help crime go down that much. The Scientific explanation has shown that the death sentence does not reduce crime count. It is shown that states without death sentence have a lower rate or murder than states with the death penalty (The). Not only does the death sentence not reduce murder counts, it also means that states with the death sentence cause more murder counts. Therefore, the death sentence should be abolished.

Many people think differently, and many people think that the death sentence should stay because it is a good part of our society. But trust me, the death sentence is just cruel and terrifying. No one in the world wants to be killed by something that is so inhuman like the gas chamber. If anyone thinks that killing someone like that is okay, and normal, that person should just go to prison for thinking of something like that. Living in a world with no crime at all is almost impossible. Why not start heading in that direction by abolished the death sentence first? How much better would the world be is there was no capital punishment?


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I am really interested in this topic. I wanted to know what other people think. I also wrote this article to show people how I really think.

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