Kevin Gates

March 10, 2017
By , Dutch Harbor, AK

In New Orleans, Louisiana things took a turn for the worse for Kevin Gilyard, also known as rapper Kevin Gates. He is best known for his music, which is listened to all over the world. About a month ago, Kevin was arrested and sentenced to 6 months in jail. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. This isn’t his first time getting arrested, either.

On a beautiful sunny day, a family was celebrating their 7-year-old daughter’s birthday at a popular park. They were just having a good time minding their business, but out of the blue something horrible happened. Kevin happened to be driving by and lost control of the car because he hadn’t gotten any sleep for a couple of days. The car dragged the birthday girl, her brother, and a priest underneath the car. They were all pinned up against an oak tree.

When the cops arrived, they removed Kevin from the car, and noticed that there were a lot of empty bottles of energy drinks. Kevin had been driving under severe lack of sleep for days, he really shouldn’t have been driving in the first place that’s so irresponsible. I truly believe that Kevin Gates should have gotten a longer sentence instead of six months; even though he’s a rich rapper, he needs to get the same treatment as a regular person would have gotten for that situation.  He could have killed someone he didn’t know what he was doing, he fell asleep on the road while driving. Kevin Gates should also get his licenses taken away and never be allowed to drive again.  I believe if a regular person did something like that they would have gotten a year or maybe longer.
This is not his only offense, a while back Kevin was arrested for brutal kicking a fan in the chest at a concert. Miranda Dixon a 19-year-old happened to be at the concert with her friend, she lean over and tried to touch him. Honestly I believe everyone would do the same thing, want to touch a celebrate. Anyways she happen to touch him a lot, and Kevin say he told her to stop multiply times and if she didn’t it’d be her fault. As she continued Kevin kicked 19-year-old Miranda in the chest. After that happen her and her friend left, and headed to the hospital because she was in a lot of pain. Miranda had to get a CT scan. As a couple days went by she was still in pain and being interview about what happened to her. She said “it still hurts, I can’t touch it” she also said “I forgive Kevin, I forgive everyone but I’m not a fan anymore after that”. Kevin was arrested for 180 days in Polk County Jail. Even if she was touching him and making him feel uncomfortable that doesn’t give him or anybody else the right to hurt a person. He could have just had security kick her out. After all that happen Kevin still won’t give her an apology. I honestly think he need to give her a big apology and go see a therapist about his anger problems, that’s not right at all of what he did to her.


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