Why I'm Thankful for America's Veterans

March 6, 2017
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Dear Wisconsin Veteran,

As I look at our American flag today, I think of you. The students at my school say the Pledge of Allegiance every day before school. When I look at the flag, I see war and soldiers fighting for our freedom. When I think of our flag, I see the Iwo Jima Memorial you saw today. When the National Anthem is sung, people don’t just stand, they sing along. At football games when the huge flag is unfolded and the airplanes fly over the stadium, it is all for you and for the ones that have passed. There aren’t enough words to fulfill the gratitude I have towards you and the soldiers that fought next to you. Thank you for your service.

My name is Marie and I am 18-years-old. I am a senior in high school this year and plan on going to Oregon State University next year to study Biology. Because of you, I am able to compose those plans and goals for myself. You have allowed me to spread my wings and given me the freedom to make decisions of my own.
I hope as you look at the American Flag, wherever it is hanging, you know that the flag represents you. It represents your strength, your courage, your determination, and your willingness to give. Our country started as just 13 little colonies but we have grown together into 50 states that come together as one because of you.
I know you may not have had a welcoming trip home after the war you fought but the people working at The Honor Flight are going to make it up to you. You deserve red carpet treatment and they are going to try to give you the welcoming home you deserve.

Today is all about you and we all honor you for what you have accomplished. Thank you for your service, and for your courage. As I look at the flag flying high in the sky, I will always think of you.


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