Immigration Struggle

February 27, 2017
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Today immigrants have hard times when they come to America. US citizens who already live here don't know how it is for them. It´s hard for people who come here from another country and have to adjust to new things such as language, transportation, etc. In many cases some of us who already live in America don't really care about how hard it is for them and just care about themselves and people they care about. Most immigrants have a harder time making this place home because of the way they get treated.

According to global citizen 7 biggest challenges immigrants face include difficulty speaking and learning the language, raising children and helping them succeed in school, securing work, securing housing, accessing services, transportation and cultural barriers. No matter how long they are here for all these things are still a challenge especially the first one difficulty speaking and learning because it´s hard for them to get a job, get food anywhere, fill out forms etc. They would have to take classes such as ESL (English as a Second Language) which is a study program for nonnative speakers. But while they are taking the class to learn they also have to take care of their kids if they have any.

People tend to think that because of where they come from and what's going on in their country that it might happen in America. Instead of stereotyping people we need to get to know them first because you never know they could be good people. By treating them bad it's making it even harder for them to adjust to America. Most immigrants have a strong appreciation to live in the United States as well as a commitment to make it their home and still maintain a strong connection with their country. According to U.S Immigration Bonds Brittni Swenson ¨immigrants’ strong connection to their home land does not contradict their desire to stay in the United States¨. No matter where immigrants come from they will still think of their homeland as well as the United States.

While immigrants are trying to make the United States home to them they are also trying to work so that they don't have to live off of government welfare. When they first come to America they really don't care what job they get they will take whatever job is available as long as they have a job they are happy. According to Brittni Swenson “73% think it is extremely important for immigrants to work and stay off of government welfare”. This is because many immigrants know that without hard work their dream of America won't come true as the way they want it to. Immigrants really don't care about the job the only thing that is difficult is finding a good job and slowly moving up the ladder. According to Christina Nuñez grr“Refugees and immigrants who are educated and who formerly had strong jobs back home, find it frustrating that they can’t obtain the same jobs here.” In this article Christina stated that when immigrants move from their homeland to a new land that they have to start all over and it will take time for them to be where they were. Majority of the people live in the country that they were born in. According to Jennifer Hochschild and John Mollenkopf  “Almost 200 million individuals, about 3 percent of the world’s population, live outside the country where they were born, according to United Nations estimates.” Jennifer Hochschild and John Mollenkopf acknowledges that about 3 percent of the world's population don't live in the country they were born in and that over 100 million immigrants live in a more developed region. “The global number of migrants more than doubled between 1970 and 2002, and the number continues to rise. As international migration flows expand, so do both the benefits and complexities for governments.” Here it's saying that as immigrants move to different countries and have kids there are some benefits/ complexities that the government has, meaning there will be benefits to the  government, so why make it so hard for immigrants, why make them struggle. My boyfriend Michael struggled himself when he first moved to the United States, he didn’t know a single word of English and his parents also had hard time assimilating and finding jobs.

It’s hard for all immigrants to find a job or to fit in, but this isn’t the end of the world, Michael survived and now he has a job, and almost fluent in English, but the solution is to be more supportive towards immigrants, like buildings schools just for them, making it easier to find jobs for them and finally to treat them right.

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