Letter to Senator Rand Paul

February 28, 2017

Dear Senator Rand Paul,

I am here to talk to you about the problem regarding the Native American’s land reserves. Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem but the highest rate of suicide in teens is the highest in any area in the United States. As you can probably understand Senator Rand Paul, I feel very strongly about this and I hope that you will take a moment out of your day to read this and perhaps think about doing something about it.

The Native Americans have been pushed off their lands for centuries and we had promised them in a treaty that their new land wouldn’t be taken from them.  According to the news source Theguardian  stated here, “The UN said that this reservation is an example where returning land taken by the U.S. could improve the tribe's economy, as well as start a "process of healing".  "At this Reservation, people have seen over time that the U.S. has taken more and more land, and they've lost huge territories. There are clear examples of broken treaties.  It is clear that the Black Hills was given to them by treaty, and that treaty was just ignored the United States in the 1900s. The US Supreme Court agrees," the UN Investigator said.  If the Black Hills were returned to the tribe, the Reservation would have natural resources, and a way to earn enough money to survive.” This shows that the US has forced them off of land they need to survive. For example: Some of the exterior land on the Indian land reserves are incredibly fertile and when farmers realized that it was they pushed back the Native Americans off the fertile land onto very infertile land.

Next, even the UN agrees that giving them back land will allow them to be at peace with themselves and drop the child suicide rate by 20-50%. As the UN stated here: A UN Investigator said that in nearly two weeks of visiting Indian reservations, indigenous communities in Alaska and Hawaii, and Native Americans now living in cities, he met many people who suffered a history of theft of their lands and resources, the failures of their families and societies and "many examples of brutality, all as a result of racial discrimination".

This is my reasoning for my assurance that we need to give back some land to the Native Americans because they were forced off their land more than one time even after we had promised to let them keep that land.


         Thank you,

          Samuel B.

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