Who do they think they are?

March 20, 2009
Why is it that adults say they know what is in our heads when we haven't told them. Do they think they know our minds better then use. They treat use like lab rats. Testing useless theories and ideas to see our reactions. Aren't we the best people to see who we are for we can answer the question that they themselves had lost long ago in their heads. For they no longer think like a child while we still are able to sit and ponder useless yet not so useless questions. Is this because they are paranoid about what really goes on in there. Well for some they would apply Iron Maidens Run to the Hills if they were to come in. Others would have sympathy for the mind they entered had so much pain. So adults are not the best Physiologists for teens they are not the experts on teen behavior for we are their ideas are all general and not specific. For we are the experts for we are the teens they test and let's tell them the hell that they are getting into. The mind is a thing not easily manipulated. Unless it is a childes mind for teens are much more compliant then their younger counterparts. Now show them who is boss for we are the ones that should be experts on us not them.

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daijanai Y. said...
Mar. 29, 2009 at 4:06 am
very nice job
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