How Banning Immigration Isn't an Act Of Racism

February 21, 2017
By Anonymous

Following all the many new stories after President Trump’s travel ban, which wasn't even a ban, I think some may have the belief that he's some kind of racist dictator who is only pursing his own beliefs. The truth is quite the opposite. In a poll by Business Insider, 49% of Americans actually supported the immigration ban.

How some people can live with saying its okay to allow someone who's committed an illegal act, is devastating to America.

For immigrants who wish to enter, there are many LEGAL ways they can enter the country and not have any issues. Seeing how in 1776 Thomas Paine emphasized that in law is king in American, its certainly un-American to welcome those entering illegally with open arms. Today we are letting those who don't belong here, come in and take more from the government and tax paying citizens, than those who actually need the benefits, receive. The Center For Immigration Studies shows that on average illegal immigrant households receive $1000 more in welfare benefits than other non-immigrants. So when the Census Bureau reports over 45 million Americans are in poverty yet were giving more to immigrant than to our own people its saddening.

The main focus of a country is to put its own citizens first; not to provide more for outsiders, especially illegals.
America generously offers people to use a visa to come and enter the country for a set period of time. And when that time period is expired they're expected to leave. Of course what is expected never occurs 100% of the time, does it? Senator Marco Rubio estimates that 40% of illegal immigrant in the U.S. are here on expired visas.


I strictly believe that those in support of immigration are automatically wrong. However I do think they tent to overlook the negative affects. Like mentioned earlier, immigrant households use social services like welfare which are already starched thin. Adding more people onto these programs than the number who support them is surely a disaster plan. Plans that help illegal immigrants become legal, like President Obamas amnesty order can actually breed more illegal immigrants. Because the process require several steps to obtain a green card, those applying may actually forge documents to meet the necessary requirements.

With a nation almost $20 trillion in debt we cant afford to help anyone other than those who deserve it. And surely lose who choose not to follow the laws of the land aren't deserving.

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