Why Some Artists May be Going Away Soon-ish

February 15, 2017

by now, I think we're all familiar with Betsy Demos (let's see what theed does with that. at least it's not justice gosuck) and her support of accountability. if people are like me, and there's always a chance, they do these during downtime at their public school. or, what demos has said she wants to pull funding from. this is likely going to create a domino effect, which, come to think of it, will affect this site and magazine, but will affect America a lot more. i mean, think about it. We’re 14th in education, according to the Pearson learning curve. Now take into account that most of those countries have some form of public schools. That affects the workforce negatively as a consequence, especially globally. But hey, at least when we’re a third world country we’ll support accountability.

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