Clown Purge 2016

November 14, 2016
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After many years of down murder mysteries, many people are now looking both ways after leaving their own homes. Many teenagers are scared to leave school  after these incidents. When the internet went crazy with reports of dangerous clowns. People learned to be careful about what is reported in social media. When the internet with reports of dangerous clowns, People learned to be careful about what is reported on social media.

How have killer clowns affected social media? Killer clowns have changed social media a lot, many users have protected their accounts. According to CNN News and Radford "The scary clown image is perfect for social media. It is custom-made to go viral" Many people believe everything that they see in Social media. For example when this killer clown situation started, many people saw it on Twitter and Facebook and believed it. Also according to CNN News “Amid the sightings -- real or not -- the hashtag #IfISeeAClown took off to predictably hilarious results. Obviously, if we're going to get all upset about clowns, social media users are going to find a way to cash in.” Many of these people that are posing as clowns have made irrelevant hashtags to provoke social media users to believe these stories. Many clowns have posted videos and pictures that are disturbing to many users.

Are clown stories real or fake? “This week, a 14-year-old in California was arrested when he threatened a middle and high school on an Instagram page called “Fontana’s Killer Clowns.” According to CBS News.  Many people think these killer clowns are fake, but clearly shown by the quote from CBS News, it shows that people in California are now dressing up as clowns. Also, According to 13 year old, Morgan when I interviewed her, I asked “Have you ever had any encounters?” and she responded with “Yes, I have had a clown encounter.” Then I asked her “Do you have reference to anyone who has encountered clowns?” she said “Yes, I was with my friend when we had the encounter with the clowns.” My final question to her was “How can you describe the situation?” she answered by saying “We were at a creek and I looked around and suddenly saw two clown faces staring at us. we ran and got away safely. Luckily the clowns had no harmful weapons.” This shows that clown encounters are happening around, even in our own backyard. 


Locations Of Clowns
Are there clowns in places other than the United States? According to ibtimes, “Clowns were sighted in England Sunday, adding to a growing list of clown sightings internationally, including reports in Canada and in Australia." not only are killer clowns in the United States, they are now spreading to to Australia and Canada, even England. Many people believe that these clowns are all in the US but according to this website, clowns have expanded through borders and also overseas.

In conclusion, killer clowns are now a global phenomenon. Many people say that it all started because a lady was late to work and her excuse to her boss was that she was attacked by a clown, but this theory has not been confirmed nor and has any other theory. Killer Clowns are just a whole big mystery. The killer clown purge is like an earthquake striking the earth.

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