A Tough Battle

November 9, 2016
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As you may have heard the newest president of the United States is the one, the only, Donald Trump.  Trump in the past week or so has grown popular witht the younger people (such as my self), as that contriputed in his favor.  Hilary though has faced a major fall, but there's a reason for that.  If you haven't heard at all about the election, I think you've been locked in a basement for at least a year!


One of the majorly asked questions is, "why are both are both of the canidates so unpopular."  A president is a politician, what is Trump. . .a businessman!  But don't be fooled, this mans got an OPINION.  Mexico has millions of mexicans crossing over the United States/Mexico border for years now.  Why is that a problem?  Are they a US citizen. . .NO!  Trump comes up with the out of the world idea, "let's build a wall on the border of Mexico, to keep out immigrants."  Mexicans weren't too happy about that.  He's also keeping out muzlims from Iraq from coming to the United States, because of ISIS issues.  The republican has came up with an idea to bomb ISIS's oil fields. . .BRILLIANT!  And lastely he's going to get rid of the health care system Obama Care.


Hilary Clinton, where do you begin with her.  Do you know Bill Clinton, you know the democratic president the U.S. had for two terms?  Yah that's his wife.  I know I probably shouldn't put my opinion in this, but she's all out C-R-A-Z-Y.  If Clinton would've been elected, she would've had the wealthy pay more taxes, and the poor pay less.  The democrat's basically saying, "I think the hard working people of America should pay more, and the people who don't work as hard shouldn't have too!"  I'm sorry but no!  By the way do you know she has a criminal record.  3,000 emails were deleted.  Oh sorry I got my information wrong it was actually 33,000 emails my bad.  Doesn't make the topic any better though.  The last mistake, and by far the worst mistake she's made, was she was having a private discusion with a guy in Iraq, which got him and four other people killed.  Yah Clinton you just murdered five people, totally president worthy.


Overall I think America has changed from the happy Land of the free to The most unpopular people you will ever meet.  To be honest, I feel sad that all the election hype is over.  Once every four years America gets to have debate over debate on who should be crowned King of America. . .for four years!  Share you opinion, I think mine was clearly stated.  Trump 2k 16 elected President of the United States.  TRUMP FOR DAYS!

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