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November 9, 2016
By yahhboiiz BRONZE, Sacramento, California
yahhboiiz BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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How do you feel about donald trump running for president ? Do you think that he is qualified enough to be our president ? Donald trump was born june 14, 1964. Before running for president Donald trump was a businessman and was given money from his father to start up his candidacy. Donald trump has proven to be a man who is very ignorant and is a very mischievous  person. Should he be allowed to even be given an opportunity to be able to run for the position of the president of the united states.

Donald Trump has accused all immigrants of being criminals, and when i say all immigrants i mean all as in latinos, african americans, native americans etc. He believes that they all do drugs and that when they immigrate over they smuggle drugs. In his eyes the only perfect people in his eyes are the white american people. He says he is going to send everyone back from where they came from like the latinos back to mexico and the african americans back to africa. But what he does not realize is that white immigrants do exist. He even points out that obama should not have became president because he was born in hawaii there for he is indirectly is calling obama an immigrant.

Apparently every illegal immigrant in his eyes are people who commit crimes. Those crimes are dealing drugs , being murdered and the way he calls them criminals is a stereotype but it his way of code language so people can't accuse him of being racist. He knows how to use figurative language so it seem like he is saying something without being discriminative . So there is no way that he can really be called out in his lectures. So this makes it easy for him to say these things it's a pretty smart be devious tactic.


He has also proven to be a very sexist person. Trump does not really care about the opinion of women. The things that Trump wants to change are really only beneficial to white men.
He has already lost the votes of most women and any other race group. Statistics show that donald trump has lost more than 90% of the women's votes around the u.s.a also losing the votes of every race and gender except for white men. The opinions of women do not matter to him neither the opinion of other races.

Some people might believe that donald trump is a fit leader for the U.S but i believe different. But I and thousands of believe that he should not be president due to the reasons stated above. To most people around the world he has proven himself to be an insane maniac to wanna be the president of the united states , so once again i ask do you think that donald trump should be given the chance to become the president of the united states of america?

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This is just my opinion and everyone has there own opinon so we should all respect everyone's opinion. SO YEAH!!!!!

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