People Should Not Have Guns

October 5, 2016
By , independence, MO

Firstly   Over 2,525 children and teens died in 2014 every 3 hours and 28 minutes.

Guns are a deadly weapon in america. There are approximately 270 million firearms owned by civilians. Only 897,000 guns are carried by police. close to 33,000 american were victims of gun deaths. Kids shouldn't shoot guns because they can hurt others, they can hurt themselves and when they get older they can abuse the fact that they have known how to shoot a gun. 


Secondly Kids shouldn't shoot guns because they can hurt others. A 4 year old boy shot his sister in the face with a gun killing her(Berman). This is extremely  important because they could find that gun somewhere and severely hurt somebody. If you are a parent and have a gun then you need to keep it locked up and not tell you children where it is. it is important to hide a gun because you do not want the same incident to happen to your family.
  Next  Another reason kids shouldn’t shoot guns is because they can hurt themselves.

Finally A 3  year old boy shoots himself in the face and caused serious damage(vernick). kids do not know which way to shoot the gun so they could point it the wrong way and shoot themselves in the face like this little boy.  Do you want your kids to get hurt? Why would you teach your child how to shoot a gun?

Another reason kids shouldn't shouldn't use guns is because when they older that can abuse the fact that that they know how to shoot a gun. 40% of men and women  have killed or injured somebody from knowing how to shoot at a young age. These people knew how to shoot a gun and when they got older they abused that fact. Do you want your child to get older and lose their minds and injure people with a gun? This is a serious thing and you should take it into consideration.

Some people would say kids should shoot guns. They say this because if they know how to shoot guns they can protect themselves if somebody tries to hurt them. This is wrong Because if they know how to shoot 69% of people will abuse that (Berman). This proves that even though they know to shoot guns doesn't mean that that they won't abuse that the fact. Do you want your child to abuse that fact?

Children shouldn't fire guns.  The next time you think about teaching your child how to shoot a gun think about all of the bad things that could happen.

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