Gun Control Isn't Necessary

October 5, 2016
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Gun control is not necessary and intrudes on our second amendment right to bear arms. My main points about why gun control isn’t necessary and won’t work, criminals will find a way to get guns illegally leaving us without guns to defend against them. Even if the criminals don’t get guns they can still cause harm to others with knives or other weapons. Also there have been many bills that have not been passed on gun control. And last, gun control hurts people who shoot as a sport.

There are many laws the government wants to change with gun control. One is they do not want citizens to be able to purchase guns like the AR-15 assault rifle. They also want to get rid of 30 round magazines (a magazine is what holds the ammo). But, what about the people that already have those things? Will they take them away from the owners of these items? Or will they allow them to keep them?

My next point is how there aren’t any laws like this yet. Over the past five years there have been around 100 gun bills introduced but none of them have been passed. Don’t you think that with zero out of one hundred gun law bills passed that the people don’t want it? Now I realize that there is a problem, that there are innocent people being killed and police being killed but we don’t need gun control to stop this. We can stop this by getting better relationships with the people in our community. Also we can increase police training to better deal with hard situations. Republicans have teamed up with the National Rifle Association to pass a bill to allow law enforcement to block a firearm sale for national security reasons in narrow circumstances. (Korte)

Six-Time Olympic Shooting medalist Kim Rhode says that gun control is killing the sport at the core. Rhode said Gov. Jerry Brown (D) just signed a law that requires a background check “each and every time” she purchases ammunition. The Olympian told Loesch she averages “500 and 1,000 rounds a day” while she’s in training. However, it is important  that, a report from the L.A. Times says that frequent buyers will be put into a database. She isn’t sure how she will ship her ammunition because of a new bill that prohibits possession of high capacity rounds, which is defined as holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. “If I have ammo that I purchase in California, and say I take 300 rounds to a match, and I wanna bring maybe 100 rounds back because I didn’t shoot it all, I’m only allowed, I think, a couple rounds of that to be able to bring back,” (Rhode) “So I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of it.” “There’s some real major issues there that I have — just not only being a competitor, but just being a Second Amendment advocate and being a shooter and being born and raised in Southern California,” (Rhode)

In conclusion gun control will do more harm than good and is not fair to law abiding citizens of the United States.

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