All Lives Matter

October 6, 2016
By Anonymous

“Black Lives Matter” is a “movement” started when George Zimmerman  shot Trayvon Martin in the summer of 2013.  A year later a 18 year old named Michael Brown was killed by a white police officer from Ferguson, Missouri. Racism is starting to become a bigger thing in society, I know the kids I mentioned were both black males but to this day all kinds of races are being killed so maybe instead of “Black Lives Matter” it should be “All Lives Matter”.



“Today’s Racial-Justice Movement (Black Lives Matter) demands an end to the large amount of black people being killed by law-enforcement officials and vigilantes, and seeks to root out white supremacy where it lives(McClain).” So why don’t people say those things when a white person is killed by a police officer or any kind of race, why don’t they start thinking not only do black lives matter but all lives matter, with them saying black lives matter they are basically saying only black lives matter and not white lives or mexican lives or asian lives ect, I know my life matters and everyone else’s so why don’t they start saying “All Lives Matter” instead.

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