Bold and Blue

September 28, 2016

The purpose of Memorial Day is sometimes forgotten because it is thought of as a day off from school, and a time for playing patriotic tunes in the parades, and barbeques with my family and friends. Memorial Day means many things to me, depending how close my experience was to someone who has given their life for this country.

Our soldiers did not want to fight, but it was the right thing to do. These men and women who fought, gave up their dreams and lives, by becoming our nation’s heroes. Soldiers chose to give up their careers and families and gave the ultimate sacrifice for a greater purpose. They were committed to protecting our national security and our welfare and to bring peace to a war-stricken nation and worried families. Without these strong warriors, my country would not be able to stand tall with so much pride.

We do not choose war, but enemies choose to fight against us and challenge our freedoms. When the threat comes upon us, Americans do not wish to hand over themselves because they know how treacherous the war is. Though they feel this way, these men and women guard our homes, our families and friends, and authenticate the boldness within their hearts. They take pride in serving our great nation, while in the midst fighting for love and

Many of my friends and relatives have died in war, so I can personally relate to the purpose of Memorial Day. It is the greatest respect to honor their sacrifice through a national holiday. Those who have survived war have much gratitude for the dedication of their fellow comrades who did not make it back to the comfort of their homes.

No one description of Memorial Day could ever define what it means to majority of Americans. However, to me, Memorial Day ought to be appreciated as one of the most respected and honorable days in the year. Americans should set aside the time to pray for the families that have been left behind and also those who have served our nation by willingly giving themselves.

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