September 12, 2016
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The article on 5 reasons why Hillary is a good candidate for presidency written by Jamai S. is not an article that shares enough to make any Trump supporter change their minds.  I felt as if the article was lacking in evidence to really prove that she is worthy of being the Forty-fifth president of the United States.  It was lacking in reasons why Hillary is a good candidate and left me feeling like there wasn’t enough to change my opinion.  Let me start by saying I do not agree with this article, nor do I like Hillary Clinton and let me tell you why.

First, the article starts with reminding us of all Hillary has done from past to present.  Then it goes into five points as to why we should stop hating Clinton.  The article’s first point goes into how much more experienced Clinton is compared to the other candidates.  This would be true, but Hillary has been caught on many occasions lying to the public and using her husband as a reason to get into office and government jobs.  Clinton has had many failures in the past that show that she is just as qualified as Trump is.  Secondly, the article goes into how others say that Clinton’s plans will work and Trump’s won’t.  This information is unneeded, since this the present, not the future.  We have no idea if her ideas will work.  Thirdly, the article states, “Clinton has been and continues to be a champion of amazing causes.”  This is a completely opinion based statement.  Also, the statement of how she is amazing is somewhat false because of what she has done in the past, including her husband.  Fourthly, the article brings up that she is a female, and that we need a female president.  This is a very unreasonable statement as to why she is the best presidential candidate.  Just because someone is female, they automatically get the card saying, “You qualify to be a president.”  No, that’s not how it works.  That’s like saying because rocks look like rock candy you should try to eat it.  Finally, the article brings up quotes from Hillary.   Some of the quotes actually show how good she is, but if there were quotes from her passed, it would be a different story.  For example, a quote from Hillary defending her husband when he was caught cheating and using his power in office for the wrong things. 

This article has a lot of opinion and the five points in the article bring almost no reason to vote for her.  In my opinion, this article made me want to vote for Trump more.  In the end, this article is nothing but nonsense and does not bring a valid point to the table to be discussed seriously.  A Hillary supporter, who might have not done enough research to know why Hillary shouldn’t be in office, has made this article. 

In conclusion, Hillary is someone who has lied as much as Trump, and she has lied in the past more than she has now.  Her husband, Bill Clinton, used his office power and cheated on Hillary, who defended him after so much evidence was shown.  Also her physical body doesn’t look good either.  Her recent surprise, leaving the 9/11 memorial earlier shows she has a weak body and may not be fit to be president.  Is this someone you want as president?

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