Our Beautiful World

September 11, 2016
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I do not want to rule, I am a spectator, I watch from afar at our beautiful world, our beautiful would which has fallen into the hands of tyranny and oppression.

Our beautiful world in which we have created the hellish field known as war,
Our Beautiful world where men women and children die every day from sickness, hunger, thirst.

My world isn't my own, this world I stand on is shared by my brother, my sister, my mother and father, my friends, my enemy's, our leaders, our neighboring countries, this is our world no one individual controls this it or the people who dwell on it,

No object without meaning other than greed and economic status can control us as a people.

We wake up, we go to work we return home and we sleep then the cycle repeats.

This is the cycle our governments, our leaders have created. In this cycle, there is no room for creativity, freedom of thought or the chance to share your opinions.

some people think that because they have money they have power, when in fact, the power in which they have is only given to them by the people who have none the ones who can see the true corruptness of the government.

The people who have nothing see everything, it is these people who can save the world.

The tyranny and oppression created by these leaders aren't their faults, I as a person do not blame them, Selfishness is our animal nature we hunted to survive we fought for food, water, and power but now we as a people are different, The thing that makes us Human is our selflessness our need to help others without seeking any reward, our leaders have forgotten this they seek rewards for their acts as corruption taints their souls, we need to stay strong as a people and work as a unified community to fend off this corruption.

The governments seek scandal and drama for leverage over others the use taxes as ways to prevent the free, the true human beings from becoming powerful enough to save Our beautiful world,

I will ask one thing if you have a child or are yet to have one, are you happy in the world they're growing up in would you like to see your grandchildren be oppressed by the same problems we are.

This is our beautiful world we all share, the beauty will always be there, nobody can take it from us because it is our beautiful world and no matter how much the monstrousness we know as tyranny and oppression try to steal that beauty from us we as a people together protect that beauty, we as people embrace that beauty, we as a people are that beauty.

This is our world and it is beautiful.

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