Relief Is Death

September 6, 2016
By thefelix12 GOLD, San Jacinto, California
thefelix12 GOLD, San Jacinto, California
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Talking about the death penalty can become more of a controversial topic in and of itself. Meaning, to have something debatable it must be controversial to the least of the extent. Yet, this idea revolves around slaughtering ungrateful or even misbehaving individuals just like you would to an animal but less instant. Horrible people deserve an end to their fate. I stand in the thinking that what a person does will reflect on them eventually in their lives. In other words, karma places a big factor in these people’s minds whether they’re serial killers, rapist, abusers etc. 

So, imagine a pumpkin so gigantic that it interrupts the harvest time for other crops and eventually kills most of them due to inadequate spacing. But, the pumpkin itself shows signs of rotting. Now, the farmer either has to keep the already rotting pumpkin or dispose of it. The farmer would likely dispose of it because it serves no purpose while still having “murdered” some of its neighboring crops. In reality, people make dumb mistakes multiple times but when those mistakes lead to more drastic measures then there’s a problem worth investigating. For example, humans have the tendency to hold appalling grudges towards another person but little did they know that keeping those feelings trapped inside might produce a deadly sin. Thereby, dealt the same towards the person who did it. When someone said that actually performing the death penalty costs an abundant amount of money it got me thinking. It’s true that it may cost the state millions just like that person said. Probably, it may cost more than a traditional housing. But, it will provide a stage of relief towards an entire community knowing that a convicted killer that once roamed the street is now killed.

I’m still leaning towards the side of continuing the death penalty. Never in a million years will I change my mind or opinion. For reasons that, infamous killers deserve what they had coming. No matter the cost nor the sadness it brings towards their families. Although, there are those who don’t kill other people but still commit similar heinous crimes that must be punishable in the same degree or worse.

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